The picture is actually a touch screen, but in the painting the dancer is actually moving, which is what will attract visitors there. The rechargers may not find this type of game in compliance with their objective of finding a soothing environment. My subjects of interests are theoretical computer science, mathematics, and education. The only remaining type of social identity is the hobbyist, which might appreciate the material if it provides a thematic background to provide further understanding of the content the museum present, but overall it is hard to tell. There are also questions that are meant to characterize themes in the museum, which are connected with QR-codes. However, there are also clearly different types of visitors with different needs and goals.

By using QR-codes that are accessible by users that brought their own device, the visitor can access hidden information in the museum environment. The experience seeker can extend his or her experience by saving it in the application, and it is unclear if visitors with this motivation will value the post-visit more than the actual visit if this form of technology would be available. In this chapter I present the proposals, the opinions and response of Dansmuseet as well as my own analysis of the proposal based on the theory I have disclosed earlier in the thesis. You can add new groups to both the including and the excluding part by using the buttons “OR” or “NOT” respectively, and you can add more search options to all groups through the drop down menu on the last row in each group. The actual layering of information is walls of text and big signs. However, there are also clearly different types of visitors with different needs and goals. As Pedro and Kim explained, Drottninggatan is a very busy street and this could be taken advantage of.

One of the things necessary to identify were the market factors that are relevant to the museum world. It is also very focused on the actual time spent in the museum, which might be a further argument that the approach does not further the discussion regarding museum authority in any significant way.

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Dansmuseet was positive to this approach though, and the PR-perspective in itself certainly has its merits but the approach falls somewhat outside the scope of the thesis so it will not be part of my final recommendation. This was also the idea that was deemed most compatible with factors inside Dansmuseet.


I also showcase some proposals encountered thus far, which provides further insight thezis the design space.

master thesis kth csc

One museum that also utilized interactive technology, but perhaps not to the same extent Tom-Tits did was Etnografiska museet. The way dance is presented here feels off in the sense that it is simplistic to simply step on different positions. Figure 41 also illustrates that after the relevant dancers were chosen the user could pick theiss moves that the dancers would illustrate.

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The Cxc Institution has an artwork that makes heavy use of Google Glasses: This was one of the more challenging steps in the process, since I had a vastly different perspective than many of the people working with designing the exhibition.

Even if I do not recommend it currently I want to place it in the forefront as a cscc alternative that should be considered when further developments take place regarding the attitude surrounding museum exhibitions.

Dance to Play This approach is an example of full body interaction, in that it strives to make interaction through dance moves. SinceSciLifeLab has a mission from the Swedish government to run infrastructure to support researchers nationally naster to be an internationally leading center for large-scale analyses in molecular life sciences targeting research in health and environment.

By using image recognition technology the user could simply photograph a relevant artwork.

master thesis kth csc

However, the main argument that this is the best approach is that it is about layered information, the concept already firmly established in the redesign of the main exhibition that corresponds to the sense that the museum visit is part of a trajectroy.

Limit the search further Here you can limit your search further, your result list will only contain those who match all of the criteria that you ccsc out in this part combined with the advanced search from above. This approach would make it possible to present those sounds within the museum environment. If the user shakes the smartphone it will show how it takes into account the current date, time, location, ambient sound and weather forecast, of which the date detection is shown in figure 16 and ambient sound detection is shown in figure 17, until it shows a work of art as seen in figure Please enable JavaScript in your browser.


The YrWall thssis also relevant in this regard, and also shows the possibilities that full body interaction presents in terms of alternative forms of interaction with artworks. The Brooklyn Museum already had an established app, but wanted a game connected to the exhibition to make visitors more aware of what they could explore.

He appreciated the notion of having an application in conjunction with the exhibition, but when I suggested it would be a game he became skeptical.

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As the model is defined, the prerequisite for the visit to take place is twofold: The whole idea is to make the visitors engage in dialogue to come to an understanding and their own interpretation of what is happening in the exhibition.

Falk, This definition of the museum visit is interesting, as it states that there are clear factors outside the museum that not only influences the visit but is actually a distinct part of it. This is important to consider as much of the theory I used in the process partakes in this very debate.

Most of my current material resides in GitHub. Also it does allow saving an image of the experience.

The third interview was with a woman in her mid-twenties who worked as an engineer. At the same time there was an expressed concern by some maste adding any kind of technology would disturb the intended focus that was to be provided by the exhibition. Judging from the literature and the results of the methods I have used it does seem that the experience is actually more important both to the thesie and the museum staff.

Interactive Showcase This approach bases much of its concept on the present exhibition in that it originates from the showcases that are found within it. This is a point that will be considered throughout the rest of the thesis. How new and original is the approach? My computer science interests are in security, language technology, as well as machine learning. The Aesthetic motivation was to find a picture fitting for editing into an intended effect, so the original subject matter is less important Weilenmann, Hillman and Jungselius,