I should have taught it explicitly. The exams, especially the last two, were almost all challenging conceptual problems. Most grad students are new to teaching and not initially as good as they become later. As for the comments on departments not being idealized firms, I will just point out that most public institutions other than flagship universities, as well as lower tier liberal arts colleges, are under such budget pressures that they have no choice but to have most of their teaching done by graduate students and adjuncts. However, I can list some positive things which I brought to my teaching that come from my background.

You can then click on the link for the created file to download the CSV file. I have just one item to add to your lists: Mathematical writing is a specialized skill. It was really hard to remember how bad my students are at systematic computation. For specific information about using the homework system, see the Hints and Tips.

Working with people, no matter what, will be a source of umivh. Most grad students are new to teaching and not initially as good as they become later. I was very curious to see how this was made to work.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus

If some of my readers were among those who did, can you tell me how you stayed motivated? I felt guilty and awkward about it.

math 115 team homework umich

I am curious — the median score on the Putnam exam is a zero. But the simplest argument for math professor value is low-level teaching. I very much doubt you can visually perceive the difference between a straight line and two lines making an angle of with each other and this can make feam substantial difference in an integral.


I feel that, psychologically, there is a big difference between having one or two questions that my hypothetical student matg solidly get right, and having him pick up a smattering of partial credit on each of nine or ten questions that are too hard for him. Now, I think pure mathematical research is a crucial investment in the future of our society.

To teaj out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The course maintains a problem bank of suggested questions to use on quizzes and in class.

The mathlab is like a live-action version of math. This student has not learned nearly as much as we want him to. After all, you cost the department significantly more tewm a graduate student!

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Organization I was assigned two sections of 32 students each, which dwindled to 30 each over the course of the term. You are assigned all of the sets your students are assigned. If not for your students specifically, are there benefits for the calculus teaching program as a whole from having you teach the class? Partly for the technological breakthroughs it creates, and partly for its own aesthetic value.

The exams You can see the exams here: I would homeworrk happier if the exams had one or two more basic questions, with the rest staying as they are.

If a university or its funding source does not value research, it is not clear to me that it should hire researchers as opposed to lecturers.

math 115 team homework umich

When you look at class lists, you’ll see all of your students, plus, once the gateway starts, all gateway proctors. Similarly, I knew how I should expect numerical computations to behave.


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But I hope that many politicians would see the point. Of course, I am a highly competitive person, and I wanted my sections to blow the others out of the water. I have no problem with that, because I think the exams cover the right topics. I did the day-to-day teaching 3 times a week, 80 minutes per meeting.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus | Secret Blogging Seminar

I spent a lot of time in high school and college helping my fellow students, and I learned a lot by doing so. Acting as Your Students: The course website including a secret sectionwas full of resources to help me plan my lessons. My intended audience here is others who are about to teach Calculus at Michigan, or people who are wondering what it would be like to set up a Michigan-style program in their own departments.

I had a CS student who, for a final project, was making a winamp-like program and was trying to figure out how you take an audio signal and extract a sequence of musical pitches, so I got to tell him about Fourier windowing, and he really did get it to work!

It is open without appointment to anyone who wants to come ask a question. Menu Skip to content. First of all, a note to any students in Michigan calculus.