Remember to get full marks in a case study answer you need to learn specific facts and figures and include locational detail i. To begin with, plates shift and bump into each other along the way. Oceanic crust The part of the crust dominated by denser basaltic rocks. Ready-made Hangman activities Interactive Hangman activities Having trouble using the activities? Register for free Register below to become a free member of Teachit Geography As a free member, you’ll have access to: Each presentation supplements a specific lesson within the teaching notes, and is designed to be used alongside the teaching material within the notes.

This is where as the ground lost its sheer stength and acted more like a liquid as water moved up through the sediments resulting in reduced strength and causing buildings to collapse due to lack of support. The weather topic is sometimes not a popuilar one to teach. Published by Samson Johnston Modified over 3 years ago. Classroom-reaady Hexbusters activities Interactive Hexbusters Here’s our interactive take on the popular TV game show quiz. Formation Layers of lava and ash are deposited by eruptions. Auth with social network:

Collision plate boundary A tectonic margin at which two continental plates come together collide.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Map symbols Map symbols Ideas for learning and using Sab map symbols in a creative way including games and create your own maps. Conservative plate boundary Where two tectonic plates slide past each other.

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Short-term emergency relief Help and aid provided to an area to prevent immediate loss of life because of shortages of basics, such as water, food and shelter. El Salvador, Central America Size: Forgotten username If you joined online with an individual account, your username is your email address. Remember that resource you wrote to help your students prepare for an exam or to use as a worked example francsco by step and thought ‘That’s such a good idea, I could use that again and again?

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medc earthquake case study san francisco

Assure prompt assistance to victims. Auth with social network: Nick, Alexa, and Keara.

They are free so please dive in – we hope you…. Exploring and mapping the world KS4 Exploring and mapping the world Browse the topics below to find KS4 exploring and mapping the world teaching resources, created by experienced teachers.

Destructive plate boundary Heavier oceanic crust gets pushed under the continental plate e. We think you have liked this presentation.

Case Study of Earthquakes MEDC – Loma Prieta, San Francisco, USA

The molten rock forces its way up through the crust to form a volcano. Learning grid From abrasion to the zone in transition Ready-made Hangman activities Interactive Hangman activities Having trouble using the activities? We hope to fix this issue within the next hour or two. Tinned food, bottled water, blanket Training emergency services Evacuation plans Early warning systems Aims: Fukushima, Japan By Vicki and Ben.


Minimise loss of life Minimise disruption of critical services Minimise damage. KS4 Geography skills Hazards Teaching tools.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

francizco Your search has returned 97 site pages. The earthquake occurred due to the sudden release of the built up pressure. Download tried and tested activities, games and worksheets. All KS4 resources All our KS4 teaching resources, listed alphabetically This is a list of all our Key Stage 4 worksheets and handouts, interactive resources and tools and ideas for use in the classroom. Achieve rapid and effective recovery. KS4 Hazards Teaching tools.

If you live in a cities that has earthquakes you should know how to be earthqua,e for an earthquake. Smallest country in Central America with less people than London.

California Case Study by Tansy Lloyd-Benson on Prezi

The movement heats up the rock and melts it. Prediction Forecasting future changes. The more you have published, the greater….