The formal end of the single party system, democratisation and new roles of civil society introduced human rights discourses and market liberalisation, innovations which provided the vehicles through which the ruling party retained its hold on power. Witchcraft is examined as a socially constructed system of meaning and action which confront ruling elites with paradox and dilemma. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. I want to go to hospital. Tanzanians have built a secular and socialist state, progressing in the delivery of essential services. Please verify that you are not a robot.

Because the person suspected on witchcraft each case was a person with whom I am closely associated, and because these situations are on-going, my own behaviour was potentially implicated in how these cases develop. While the acceptability of shaving was certainly accentuated by the close political associations between officials of the ruling party in the district, some of whom were close relatives of Kalembwana, two components of her practice enhanced its widespread acceptability. Not only does the senior wife whom she suspects publicly display qualities antithetical to those associated with witches. The Production of Witchcraft, Witchcraft as Production: Returning from a visit to the hospital she confided in a mutual friend who lives in the town that her co wife has always been jealous of her and is definitely practising witchcraft.

He was known to have built a large house where he now lived and had only just started to build a house in his home village. Witchcraft as an attribute of people is not unnatural. Villagisation in the s put an end to mobile anti witchcraft specialists who were prevented by the authorities from visiting newly established villages. These examples are probably not untypical of the ways in which the institution of witchcraft is manifested in Ulanga district in the present.

mesaki witchcraft thesis

Witchcraft will likely continue as a culturally constructed meaning system because the contributing factors to it prevail and state authorities remain unable to change the system or escape its dilemmas.

Log In Sign Up. Most damaging of all, his decision to stay at the guest house during the funeral before the burial of the body when people, including those who are not related, customarily sleep at the house of the funeral, and men sleep outside, was thought to be shocking, especially so since the dead man was a brother of the closest possible kind, related through the same father and mother.


mesaki witchcraft thesis

Paradox and Dilemma Login. Despite the attempt by the dead man ghesis his brothers to stake a claim to the house of his late mother, Thomas and his mesa,i had behaved in an exemplary fashion. Fisiyi, Cyprian and Peter Geschiere. Moreover, as a classification which is inherently relational, involving the imputation of responsibility to someone or something, the analysis of evil takes us into concerns with wider issues of cosmology and ontology. Until the mid twentieth century deactivating the powers of witches was mostly in the hands of diviners of territorial shrines wambuibut was gradually assumed by peripatetic witchcraft suppression specialists, some of whom, such as Chikanga Redmayne and Nguvumali Swantz became very famous across large parts of the country Willis Returning from a visit to the hospital she confided in a mutual friend who lives in the town that her co wife has always kesaki jealous of her and is definitely practising witchcraft.

Witchcraft and witch-killings in Tanzania : paradox and dilemma (Book, ) []

Although the rulers condemned these movements and other traditional means of combating witchcraft, they recognized their necessity in maintaining social order. So is deactivating the powers of witches through rituals of purification and equally anti-witchcraft powerful medicines.

Their programs of economic development and “villagization” counter some material and social causes of witchcraft but promote yet others. theeis

What constellations of institutions, power relations and persons enable the realization of cosmologies of evil in some places and not in others? Embodying the inversion of normal human attributes, they do their work at night, walk upside down, fly and are visible only to each other.

They had both been shaved of suspected witchcraft only a year before. Part of its mass appeal is that being shaved not only disempowers persons with witchcraft powers; it protects other people from future witchcraft attacks. Village governments are no longer directly involved in witchcraft disputes. Fortunately for all involved, the brother returned to his home before the family meeting. Tanzanians have built a secular and socialist state, progressing in the delivery of essential services.


The State and Witchcraft in Bastar. Although ideas about witchcraft play an important role in the management of kinship as a set of public obligations, and the threats posed by witches are ever present, dealing with witches is becoming a more private affair, the focus of conversations within families and visits to diviners rather than public action.

mesaki witchcraft thesis

The younger wife suspects witchcraft but, in telling this outsider, accepts that it cannot be acted upon. In actuality, this man was a retired public servant who had both business acumen and a lump sum from his pension.

American Ethnologist 32 3 At the same time, in the fortnight after the burial, her elder daughter who had returned home for the mourning period began to see visions of her dead father walking with his elder brother in the town.

Witchcraft and Witch-Killings in Tanzania: Paradox and Dilemma

The wife who is slightly younger, whom I shall call Mama K, suffers from a persistent problem with her foot which refuses to heal. As elsewhere in in Africa, at different times, implementation was limited. Consequently, those willing to go for shaving found their decision reconfigured as an act of consent or even choice.

Witchcraft is still an everyday topic of conversation and gossip which comes to the fore in the immediate aftermath of deaths mmesaki during the funeral process.

Show simple item record. The E-mail Address thfsis field is required. Witches, as persons empowered through medicines, were humans transformed through excessively human appetites, a transformation which, though intentional, could be reversed through shaving Green Please choose whether or not you want other users to sitchcraft able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours.