Claudia brings with her two decades of operational management and corporate development experience in pharma and biotech including publicly traded companies. And we can even only dream of a remarkable capacity that newborns have: The teams of this research project will work on next-generation ncRNA-based therapeutics by relying on emerging platform technologies based on the latest advances in viral i. Insufficient myocardial capillary density after myocardial infarction has been identified as a critical event in this process, although the underlying mechanisms of cardiac angiogenesis are mechanistically not well understood. Thomas Thum received 1. Thum joins Imperial College London as visiting professor.

Thum is responsible for the finances of the whole network and coordinates the activities European partners. The main aim and objective of the COST Action CardioRNA is to accelerate the understanding of transcriptomics in cardiovascular disease and further the translation of experimental data into practical applications for diagnostics and therapies. The title of the paper is: Small interference RNA-mediated silencing of mimecan in cardiac fibroblasts mimicked the miRmediated effects. Katharina had already presented her work in the Best Poster Session of the ESC congress in Barcelona further highlighting the relevance of her research.

HiLF II is intended as initial funding for starting a new line of research also with the aim to apply for subsequent third party funding.

For the first time the ESC Scientists of Tomorrow and the HFA Heart Failure Specialists of Tomorrow were invited to create each one specific session to nhh the visibility also for young active cardiovascular scientists and clinicians. Johan Lorenzen and colleagues identified a new mechanism of acute kidney injury based on dysregulation of miR In this year, three MHH researchers were selected including Dr.


MayHaigerloch, Germany — 6. Thum is responsible for the finances of the whole network and coordinates the activities European partners. Blocking of endothelial miR limited myocardial infarct size of mice via prevention of endothelial apoptosis and enhancement of vascularity, which led to preserved cardiac function and survival. Subsequently, HOMAGE will lead a clinical trial to look for novel treatments of heart failure that can be targeted specifically to those patients at risk.

NovemberOft merkt man erst, wie wichtig Etwas ist, wenn es nicht mehr funktioniert. PV measurements are the gold standard for cardiac function assessment, used by scientist in various animal models and also by clinicians.

Katharina Schimmel at DGM second left. This achievement highlights the importance of her research focused on the characterization of mineralocorticoid receptor-induced cardiac remodeling. Thomas Thum is one of the Highly Cited Researchers IMTTS researchers at Importantly, the miRNA patterns differentiated relapsing-remitting from secondary progressive MS courses with enormous specificity and sensitivity.

Both, miR and its target mimecan were co- expressed in cardiac fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells. Autophagy is regulated by several Atg Autophagy related genes genes, but due to their ubiquitous expression, cannot be targeted for therapy. We profiled urinary miRNAs of stable transplant patients and transplant patients with acute rejection.

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disserration Besides methology, the course focused on basic concepts and early integration of validation and automatization to generate comprehensible and translatable research. Sandor Batkai and co-hosted by Prof. Low miR levels were associated with higher decline in GFR 1 year after transplantation. This award highlights hmh potential of her research focused on the characterization of microRNAs working as regulators of mineralocorticoid receptor-induced cardiac remodeling.


This achievement highlights the importance of her research focused at the investigation of Telomerase mediated cardioprotection.

mhh dissertation 2012

The present study tempers speculations about the potential usefulness of cardiomyocyte-enriched microRNAs as diagnostic or prognostic markers in ACS. Both achievements highlight the importance and relevance of their work in the wider scientific field.

In this study we investigated whether the presence of chronic kidney disease CKD modifies the association of LIPCAR plasma levels and left ventricular remodeling and patient outcome. MiR induces endothelial cell apoptosis, abolishes endothelial capillary network formation. In vivo, pressure overload of the left ventricle led to increased expression of miR in sorted cardiac endothelial cells, which displayed molecular and phenotypic signs of EndMT Figure.

Patients were followed for disseetation months regarding all-cause mortality. The researchers have published their findings in the journal Science Translational Medicine February 17 th Inhibition of miR post myocardial infarction in aging mice improves cardiac function and inhibits cardiac remodeling. The ambitions plan is to prepare microRNA-based diagnostics and therapies for clinical medicine.

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Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. The meeting was organized by Dr.

mhh dissertation 2012

Pharmacological inhibition mediated by antisense oligonucleotides of these microRNAs, leds to partial blockage in development of cardiac hypertrophy, paving a way for future therapeutical application.

New miRNA-based therapeutic strategy of acute kidney injury developed. Mit einer neuen Methode gelang es ihnen, rund 4.

mhh dissertation 2012