Scientists can also check for gas emissions sulphur dioxide and increased thermal activity at the crater. Unfortunately volcanic eruptions and earthquakes cannot be prevented. Global change Unit 1: When a volcano is close to erupting it starts to release gases. Thermal imaging techniques and satellite cameras can be used to detect heat around a volcano. Mount Etna Case Study Worksheet. The Italian Government declared a state of emergency in parts of Sicily, after a series of earthquakes accompanying the eruption of forced about 1, people flee their homes.

Impact on landscape and population Landscape The mountain was reduced from a height of m to m as the eruption created the largest landslide ever recorded. Popular Articles About Privacy Contact. Global resource consumption and security 3. This site uses cookies: Other case studies include the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily in and Heimaey eruption in Iceland in

Why do people live near volcanoes?

Sicilian city blanketed in ash [28 October ]. Power, places and networks 4.

The authorities were able to evacuate people from the areas surrounding Mount St Helens, after the areas affected by the previous eruption and they set up an exclusion zone around the volcano. Preparing for volcanic eruptions A detailed plan is needed for dealing with a possible eruption.

Mount Etna is a volcano. Mudflows poured down the valleys choking rivers with rock debris, killing fish and ripping trees from their roots. Another theory involves the subduction of the African plate under the Eurasian plate. The first sign of etnz began in the spring of with a series of small earthquakes began.


This is a easy website to access for all ages especially primary school. Mudflows destroyed bridges, houses and logging camps.

mt etna case study bitesize

bjtesize This site uses cookies: The greater the frequency, the nearer the eruption and measuring the size of the volcanic cone shows the build-up of magma in the vent. My teacher gave me a prize for that!

mt etna case study bitesize

Everyone who could be affected needs to know the plan and what they should do if it needs to cxse put into action. It even helps my older girl who is 14 do her homework for secondary school. Gas samples may be taken and chemical sensors used to measure sulfur levels. Mount St Helens lies close to a destructive plate boundary where the smaller Juan de Fuca plate is being forced into the mantle by the larger North American plate.

Global interactions Unit 4: Great facts they helped me with my history, art and English work. Her primary school recommend BBC but i botesize they should start recommending these to schools around the world. Here are some of the theories: This has been a fantastic website for my children.

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Unfortunately volcanic eruptions and earthquakes cannot be prevented. This will be so helpful for science class and my project about mount Etna.


Volcanoes – Revision 2 – KS3 Geography – BBC Bitesize

These facts tell you a lot about Mount Etna, and it is one of the best websites that I have ever found for research. Mount Etna Case Study Worksheet.

For a named area, describe the causes of the bitessize which you have chosen and its impacts on the people living there. Report Thu 7th April, Heavy tephra falls caused by the activity on the southern flank occurred mostly in areas to the south of the volcano and nearly paralyzed public life in Catania and nearby towns.

Methods of prediction and planning Volcanoes are difficult to predict but, although they were unable to give a precise date scientists tried to predict the eruption of Mf St Helens by measuring the frequency of earthquakes on the mountain. Global resource consumption and security 3. A ship equipped with a medical clinic aboard was positioned off Catania – to the south of the volcano – to be ready in case of emergency.

mt etna case study bitesize

This was great very helpful. Schools in the town have been shut down, although the church has remained open for people to pray.