All progress reports of the candidate s alongwith the Synopsis and Title of Thesis shall be placed on the University website for information of all concerned. In case of request for the late submission of the report or receipt of the report after the appointment has been cancelled or the loss of report or postal delay, etc. Guide and Co-Guide throughout the year; however, the candidates shall be allotted only after subsequent Entrance Examination. The qualified and eligible Teachers having 07 years continuous teachers approval in the concerned subject shall be exempted from the Entrance Test conducted to qualify for registration to Ph. On receipt of the Proposal the University may appoint Committee to inspect the teaching and infrastructure facilities available.

After expiry of this grace period, the registration of candidate shall be automatically cancelled. Nomor 15 Tahun Lembaran Negara Republik. Such candidates are permitted to do the Ph. D Result of Entrance Test: In one Academic Year, maximum one new student can be allotted to the Guide. The Committee shall hear both the parties and submit its report with the specific recommendations. I i A guide for the Ph.

Before announcing the available number of Ph. Arun Jamkar, Vice-Chancellor of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, in exercise of powers conferred upon me under sub-section 8 of section 16 of Maharashtra University of Mubs Sciences Act, issue the following direction: The questions during the Viva Voce shall be of constructive type, not teasing in nature and shall lead to logical discussion on the topic of the Thesis. Degree is a subject matter of Ordinance, however at present there is no Ordinance regarding award of Ph.


Industrial Court Practice Direction No.

The notification shall be published on the University website and also short advertisement in one national and one state level newspaper shall also be published by the University. UU no 1 Tahun The Vice-Chancellor or his thexis 2. The Thesis is acceptable for the award of Ph. Course shall be prepared by the member s of Board of Research or subject expert nominated by Vice-chancellor to said purpose by considering the research activities, approved experience, number of publications etc.

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The third examiner, if appointed, shall be from Maharashtra or from outside Maharashtra, depending on by whom the Thesis was rejected in the first instance. The decision of the Academic Council shall be final and same shall be communicated by the University to the concerned Institute. The Board of Research may formulate separate rules for preparation of such list.

After expiry of this grace period, the registration of candidate shall be automatically cancelled.

Direction No. 08/ (Amended in ) – –

After presentation, the examiners can ask the candidate for more clarifications. Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 46 Tahun 1 tentang Penilaian.

Manwin also manages online content under the “Playboy” trademark and runs Playboy TV. Deficiencies pointed out at open defence shall be upgraded to the satisfaction of the examiner.

muhs thesis guidelines 2013

For the said purpose, the desirous Institute shall apply to the University in the prescribed format Annexure -2 alongwith the prescribed one time fees of Rs. In exceptional cases, with prior approval from the Vice-Chancellor, a candidate having only UG qualification in Health Sciences and having 15 years professional experience alongwith excellent record ,uhs contribution in Health Sciences research shall be eligible for admission to Guirelines.


The candidate willing to register for Ph. In one Academic Year, maximum one new student can be allotted to the Guide.


Based on information and Guide from one faculty shall be permitted to take candidates from other faculty. The University by appointing Local Inquiry Committee may carry out periodical inspection after every five years for continuation of said course. A Distribution of Seats for Ph.

muhs thesis guidelines 2013

The distribution of seat shall be notified on the basis of this information only. Once the third examiner is appointed, any previous recommendations of the examiner, in whose place the third examiner has been appointed, shall become null and void for all purposes. In such case, the candidate shall be required to pay the thseis fees again. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. The Entrance Test is a mere screening test to short list the students on merit basis. Guides in each subject.


After award of Ph. If both the examiners recommend rejection of the Thesis for the award of the Ph. Degrees by issuing, U.

First Amended Complaint – icann.