If the author of a source is unknown, alphabetize the source by each first major word of the title. Kelly , 85 D. Later citations use CDC, Letourneau, FCA 42, 46 C. From this experience, observed Belenky et al.

The recommended length is words for a masters work and words for a doctoral work. Godes Limited, Civil Application No. Summary, conclusions, and policy implications References Appendices The following are some of the contents that the chapters of the thesis or dissertation may contain. Mzumbe university chuo kikuu mzumbe. A study in values 2nd ed. Two or more sources within the same parentheses List sources by different authors in alphabetical order by authors last name, separated by semicolons: Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Ohio State University Columbus.

However, with the exception of guidelines for citing email, Web sites, articles and abstracts from electronic databases, and software, the APA does not offer guidelines for citing some common electronic sources. Morin personal communication, October 14, supported with new evidence the claims made in her article 4.

mzumbe university dissertation format

Give the authors name, if available. For a book, list the city of publication and the country or postal abbreviation for the state if the city is unfamiliar Unknown author Use the title or its first few words in a dissertatioj phrase or in parentheses in this example, a books title in underlined.

Mzumbe University Thesis Writing Guidelines For Students – Borgetto s.r.o.

Do not write the name of a country for place of publication but instead use cities or towns Periodicals1.

Simon Msanjila, Mzumbe UniversityTanzania. Guidelines for Writing Thesis or Dissertation Documents. Handbook for authors of papers in American Chemical Society publications. Edition other than the first Kohn, M. Jones conducted the groundbreaking study of retroviruses. Article in a magazine Shy, R.


Mzumbe university – p. The following formats include these additional electronic sources, adapted from the APA style. Please note that Appendix II is for title page and not for the cover page. It is highly advisable for students to create an automatic table of contents as part of the learning process. Names of parties involved in a case Case name 2.

All other text after the title, such as the authors name, should be in capitals and small letters, and should be in font size of 12, bolded and centred; for sample, see Appendix II. Published on Mar View Download Two or more authors Newcombe, F.

List sources alphabetically by authors last names.


Belenky, Clinchy, Goldberger, and Tarule have suggested that many women rely on observing and listening to others as ways of learning about themselves. Mzumbe University prefers references to bibliography.

Guidelines for a research proposal The University of Edinburgh By asking you for an outline research proposal we hope to get a good picture of the kind of research you want to undertake and your understanding of what such research is likely to entail. Separate the names of multiple authors with commas, and use an ampersand iniversity the last authors Publication date: Begin your first line of each entry.

Candidates must arrange the title dissertatoin as follows: Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Ohio State University Columbus. The following words must be inserted for a thesis: Guidelines for Writing univrrsity Thesis Proposal Documents.

mzumbe university dissertation format

APA style for in-text citations Authors names in a signal phrase Authors named in parentheses Two authors Three to five authors Six to more authors Organisation as author Unknown author Two or more authors with the same last names Two or more sources within the same parentheses Specific parts of a source E-mail and other personal communication World wide website APA style for a list of references Books One author Two or more authors Organisation as author Unknown author Editor Selection in a book with an editor Translation Edition other than the first One volume of a multivolume work Article in a reference work Republication Government document Two or more works by the same author s Periodicals Article in a journal paginated by volume Article in a journal paginated by issue Article in a magazine Article in a newspaper Editorial or letter to the editor Unsigned article 1 2.


The nature of women insociety.


In many universities, a thesis or a dissertation represents the culmination of a major research project that should make a significant contribution to knowledge in a given field. Technical or research reports and working papers Wilson, K.

To maintain dussertation high standard of a students work that is acceptable for a graduate degree, the Directorate of Research, Publications, and Postgraduate Studies DRPS has developed guidelines to assist students in preparing their theses or dissertations. Mzumbe university chuo kikuu mzumbe. While there is some flexibility in this formatting requirements as necessary between different research programs, the basic structure should stay similar to what is given here.