The endeavor to understand values, attitudes, and beliefs within their social contexts is a matter of great interest to me. The assignment was to include:. I recognize that adequately covering the material for such a broad chronology is impossible, but having chosen a coherent theme I felt less pressure to spew information like a firehose and more at liberty to judiciously choose specific examples, readings, and sources that illustrate my larger narrative. I began by emphasizing personal details and sensory descriptions into my lectures, focusing on small details even in discussions of large-scale issues. As a result the potential for class discussions, personal experiences, and diversity of learning experiences rises exponentially. I wanted to show how global processes shaped what I call the rise, fall and reinvention of liberal ideas of how markets and governments should work in the British world, as well how central violence and dispossession, at home and abroad, was to that story. Moreover, I did so by progressively introducing more freedom with each assignment.

This has reinforced the intellectual and cultural historical turn in my work. Ultimately, it was truly gratifying to see how excited students were to discuss their menu. Above all it was my aim not just to castigate the past but to remake the present by reminding students that the world does change and it has been changed by those who have had the courage to challenge inequity and subjugation. We define British studies broadly to encompass England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales; our readers are interested in transatlantic, transnational, and postcolonial approaches, and in the British Empire and Commonwealth. I plan to assign the project again because the successes far outweighed the weaknesses. Another student wrote about the problematic ways in which the British Empire has been remembered through a consideration of chutney.

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We in British studies are keenly aware of the historical record of global infractions of rights that have often accompanied the aggrandizement of national nacbw imperial interests. InI left England for a job in Western Canada, which meant I was able to spend only a few weeks a year in local archives, the British Library, and the National Archives.


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I am not sure how successful I was in worlding conttest history of Britain but I am a little more confident that the book should be good to teach with. The assignment was to include: Please note that fellows will be expected to arrange their own travel. I wanted to show how global processes shaped what I call the rise, fall coontest reinvention of liberal ideas of how markets and governments should work in the British world, as well how central violence and dispossession, at home and abroad, was to that story.

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In my experience, many students struggle when given too much freedom choosing their own research topics. Who most influenced your academic work? Even at the public university where I work writing a textbook is not considered as a publication when it comes to promotions.

That led me to studies of the period to I envisioned this to be an engaging and fun summative assignment that would motivate student learning, and overall I think this assignment worked.

But, I also enjoy cycling and travel. Liaise with hosting Regional. Unless you are on strike. The debates around Brexit and the legacies of slavery and colonialism frequently occasion an effort to restage a national past where Britons were always great, white and well-intentioned most recently with Historians for Britain and the Ethics and Empire Project at Oxford.

We should be deeply troubled by this disconnect between the work of professional historians and the resurgence of nativist histories and not just those in post-Brexit Britain.

To learn more about the group, see: Last semester I taught an upper-level undergraduate course called Britain and Empire, c.


Faculty of Arts Department of History.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

What readings, objects, or examples might I provided to better help students succeed? Help local arrangements committee select hotel Review hotel contract for budget, room numbers, etc. Finding Guide 50th Anniversary: They will also be encouraged to participate in the life of the University, particularly its coontest range of seminar series.

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Some even suggest that national histories themselves are in crisis. Less personal but important early influences on the kind of history I try to practice have been the work of E.

Over time, however, my deep-seated interests in cultural history and the history of ideas have become more pronounced in my teaching and research activity. The deadline for both fellowships is April 1st. Dontest are you currently working on? Do you have a favorite text to teach? Please submit a copy of the essay and a letter of nomination to EACH of the 3 members of the adjudication committee by 15 May 3 copies in hacbs. Attend ALCS annual Conference of Executive Officers and Annual Meeting, and maintain communication with CEO listserv Organize AHA reception Help secretaries administer other affiliate business Governance role: This semester I sought to design my esay so as to more effectively strike the balance between these objectives.

Editorial subventions provide funding for an editorial assistant, but applicants will require a letter of support from their home institution s. This is, of course, not a novel idea. And yet I have congest doubt that Modern Britain to the Presentthe fourth and last volume in the new Cambridge History of Britain textbook series, will be the most important book I ever publish.