It will lead you to Google Maps page where you can enter the area name of the contact. You can download these views for offline display purpose and sharing. Another Region wise Club Netsurf section displays all 16 regions with number of achievers and probable achievers. To be able to view the target completion and balance figure you need to tap on Set Cycle wise Target to enter the target periodically at the beginning of every business cycle. You can take an overview of your earlier cycle wise Phase achievements of Club Netsurf Targets by tapping on the Details link mentioned below. It will be based on your club level and the cycle of the year.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. J] Settings Set your preferences in terms of notification timings and type of notifications you would like to receive. Registering to the application. After tapping on the Start Categorizing option you come across the contact list in your phone. Here, you can select from the bellows- Club Netsurf Achievers: The Area Comparison Section opens and shows following details about your region or multiple regions in current cycle- Cycle wise minimum target Total Turnover till date Regular Turnover till date Repurchase Turnover till date.

If you tap on any one region from the list of 16 regions, you come across pp list of achievers with the details of their turnover and self-repurchase along with their contact number.

netsurf business plan ppt

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. You can download each offer banner for your own reference by tapping on the download symbol present at the bottom of every banner or you can share it via various applications like WhatsApp and Facebook by tapping on the sharing icon. You can also provide the location input by tapping on Select City option at the bottom of the screen.


Attractive shopping page designs More user friendly with simple steps to enter products, select delivery option and. In the list view you can find the category abbreviations for your quick reference. Online Pattern Library User Manual.

Netsurf Mobile Application

Sending a message is as easy as sending an SMS through your smart phone. Further in every category there are following options with abbreviations to be selected based on the interest areas of that prospectus i.

Registration Forgot your password? Also, you can rate those videos with up to 5 stars. We think you have liked this presentation. Auth with social network: These people can join the business if they find our products useful and satisfactory in terms of their requirements. Once you have entered your cycle wise turnover target, your daily calling target will be automatically calculated and displayed here for every cycle.

You can make a call to the respective distributors in the list by tapping on the cell number displayed, right through the app- without having to enter the number in your phone book. Netsurf mobile app is exclusively created for the Independent Distributors of Netsurf Network doing direct selling business.

List of the distributors who can repurchase.

Netsurf Mobile Application – ppt video online download

Club Netsurf Plus Achievers: A forecast of how much turnover can be achieved in the coming Phase. Notifies when any new content in the media library is uploaded. Tap on Place my order Proceed to proceed for shipping details. Details are present with their similar details.


netsurf business plan ppt

It will be based on your club level and the cycle of the year. Details of the current cycle: See your status… On logging in with your username and password to your account it displays the basic statistics of your business- 1.

Going back after selecting the right reference no. Categorize your phone book contacts and make important group announcements through the app. After tapping on the Start Categorizing option you come across the contact list in your phone. You can review your order and confirm it.

You can choose your products across all 4 categories. The Settings option present on the upper bar helps you to manage the notifications and your interest categories, etc.

Integrating people, process and technology! Here, you can select from the bellows- Club Netsurf Achievers: Post completion, you can see a single contact on your screen and browse through swiping left or right or you can go back to the entire contact list view.

netsurf business plan ppt

You can also redeem your promo code here if any.