However, in December it was announced that Northern Ireland’s water and sewerage services would become self-financing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Marek Majewicz, interim managing director, Bristol Energy. The contract has been awarded to a group of economic operators: Citizens Advice urges energy sector to put EV customers first.

It is responsible for 26, km of watermains and 15, km of sewerage mains, as well as 23 water treatment works and 1, wastewater treatment works. NI Water is currently in the second year of its six-year price control, PC15 which runs from — Additional information added to the notice since it’s publication. This gap has now been more than halved. Within the Department, a new Water Executive was responsible for the management and administration of water and sewerage services.

The diagram below presents buiness programme structure, projects and the governance arrangements for this work. Number of tenders received: This site uses cookies for essential functionality, performance and analytics, and marketing including behaviour advertising.

Alert Region Restrictions The buyer has restricted the alert for this notice to suppliers based in the following regions. Performance benchmarking by the regulator wayer that there was a “performance gap” with England and Wales concerning drinking water quality, wastewater quality, leakage, customer service and efficiency.

ni water pc15 business plan

DRD said NI Water had successfully reduced its overall costs sincebut operational costs remain higher than an average English or Welsh company.

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Northern Ireland Water

Views Read Edit View history. It is responsible for 26, km of watermains and 15, km of sewerage mains, as well as 23 water treatment works and 1, wastewater treatment works.

ni water pc15 business plan

The current business plan, known as Price Control 15 PC15came into effect in April for a six year period. Alert Region Restrictions There are no alert restrictions for this notice. Address of the buyer profile: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Request a call back. Inrecognising that the company was reaching the limit of its ability to drive further benefits within the constraints of its existing operating model and knowing that challenging performance and efficiency improvements would be required in PC15, the Executive Committee led a delivery planning initiative entitled the Future Organisation Model to create the PC15 Delivery Programme.

North has lessons for campaigners”. The Water Commissioners’ building in the city centre is a landmark, currently occupied by retailer Marks plqn Spencer. This site uses cookies.

NI Water set up a programme team with some niche external consultants to undertake more detailed implementation planning Wave 0. Information added to the notice since publication. Water industry cannot afford delays to protect supply.

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Northern Ireland Water CEO Sara Venning has said the utility’s lack of funding threatens further impacts on service delivery, the local economy and the environment as it is unable to resolve capacity issues at dozens of its wastewater treatment works. Northern Ireland Water Limited Irish: Additional information added to the notice since it’s publication. The company must also continue to increase the amount of energy it secures from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion.


ni water pc15 business plan

Over the same period the organisation has more than halved the efficiency gap with the leading water utilities in England and Wales. When water and mi companies were privatised in England and Wales inthese services remained public in Northern Ireland wzter in Scotland. For further information, click here.

For decades domestic water and sewer services in Northern Ireland have been provided without charges to customers. This contract is divided into lots: In a system of economic regulation had been set up similar to the existing system in England and Wales where Ofwat regulates the water sector.

This means that the Company’s corporate governance structure and compliance is with the Companies Act and the principles of good corporate governance as set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code, where appropriate. Contract Award Notice Has Documents: The contract has been awarded to busness group of economic operators: How the industry reacted After Ofwat published its initial assessments of water companies’ business plans forwe look at the responses