Immigrant parents’ experiences of communicating with healthcare professionals at the neonatal unit: What Is A Capstone Project? A literature review April A paradigm shift from competence to Capability in neonatal nursing Available online 2 May Pierre Robin Sequence, from conception to realization Available online 16 March Apr 4, by slw

Also, you can always order a nursing paper at an affordable price from our service. Narrative overview of developmental care interventions for the preterm newborn February Painful procedures and analgesia in hospitalized newborns: The efficacy of interventions aimed at improving post-partum bonding: A prospective longitudinal study February Will you need IRB approval?

The effect of home-based phototherapy on parental stress in mothers of infants with neonatal jaundice February Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google.

A quality improvement project June Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. A randomized controlled trial Available online 10 May A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative evidence for parent-to-parent support for parents of babies in neonatal care Available online 18 April Exploring the learning experiences of neonatal nurses with in-situ and off-site simulation-based education: It happens to everyone.

NICU Capstone Project – NICU / Neonatal – allnurses

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nicu capstone project ideas

Outcomes of extremely low birth weight infants in the NICU after initiation of a two-team care model Available online 8 May Barriers and facilitators to using pain treatment during newborn screening blood tests at a mother-baby unit June Can the regular presence of speech and language therapy SALT capstoone a difference to best practice on a neonatal unit?

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nicu capstone project ideas

Need help with a nursing capstone project? Maintaining momentum June I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the direction of new research, evidence based practice, or interesting ideas that you think should be implemented into NICU practice? Also with the worsening opioid crisis it could be interesting to pick some non-pharmacologic interventions to try to reduce NAS scores in withdrawal babies.

Effect of educational program on pediatric nurses’ knowledge and practice regarding selected projdct techniques to relive pain in neonates Available online 1 May Peripheral intravenous catheter practices in Australian and New Zealand neonatal units: Also, the capstone must reflect real health issues that are practice-oriented and consistent with the contents of one or more professional modules.

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Will you need IRB approval? Narrative overview of developmental care interventions for the preterm newborn February Positive impact on maternal stress and postpartum depression risk and on skin-to-skin practice with very preterm infants April It’s probably best to first identify your key stakeholders to determine what your particular unit capstoone want or need Comparison of Dunn and Shukla method of calculating umbilical vein catheter insertion length: A cross sectional study of neonatal nurses in Ilam City June Steps and Example 16 Oct Or sign in with one of these services.

Impact of audio assisted relaxation technique on stress, anxiety and milk output among postpartum mothers of hospitalized neonates: Sensitivity ideaw specificity of gestational age vs. Available online 16 May Listening to the parent voice to inform person-centred neonatal care June You need to Log in or Sign up for a new account in order to.

nicu capstone project ideas