The early success we had in making shoes in the United States happened during a severe recession. Nike should take some of the profits it makes from Vietnamese workers and invest them in projects that help improve the lives of poor Vietnamese. It is the same case as Nike when handling this problem too. The current approach of having no specific punishment for violating the Code of Conduct generates the impression that the Code has no teeth. The workers have to deal with two different forms of stress. Further conditions are set down in local employment laws. Forced labor was abolished and a maximum limit on working hours was introduced.

Labor issues like discrimination on the basis of religion, sex, and age were to be done away with and employees had to be given a right to organize themselves to press for their rights. The AIP went back to the bargaining table with the promise of producing a final agreement in six months. Once the situation improves, then Nike can shift this priority. Workers will be offered free classes during non-working hours, and factories will be encouraged to raise the pay of workers who complete the regimen. It becomes the responsibility of Nike to ensure that these employees get sufficient amount lead a good life.

But now scenario has changes due to increased awareness and globalization. The main concerns expressed by workers relate to their physical working environment. He said of the accord: It sells to approximately 19, retail accounts in the US, and sweasthops in approximately countries around the world.

nike inc sweatshops case study

The company that became Nike began life in as an importer and distributor of Japanese track shoes made by Onitsuka Company, Ltd. They help Nike to develop and achieve success in the market by providing quality and skilled work.


nike inc sweatshops case study

No official would dare disagree that it was essential that all workers be treated with dignity and respect just as any American worker would. The students at one point or another would feel that what onc being fase to them is not right.

Nike should make the implementation of its Code of Conduct a top priority, putting it above even quality and cost. From reading the materials regarding the Kasky Vs. The majority goes to the retail industry and brand profit.

The anti-sweatshop movement in the U. And Nike products have become synonymous with slave wages, forced overtime, and arbitrary abuse. Companies with international production facilities could not be confident of controlling the legislation sweatshopx might come out of public hearings filled with horror stories of sweatshop abuse in factories of familiar brand names.

As a result the company is limited nowadays to its core competencies stuudy Design and Marketing. The first was that people questioned whether there was sufficient independence between those monitoring the factories and the corporations themselves. Each factory will be given three months from the date the final report was made to make corrections to bring the air quality levels to those set forth by the OSHA.

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Nevertheless, this is the first step for their political goal, which is to create a so-called democratic society on the U.

Nike cannot assume that creating low paying jobs is good enough. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Both the corporations and the Clinton administration needed an organization that would produce serious damage control in a swift fashion.


Another example of the inhumane conditions in the Nike factories is the low wages.

Nike. Inc., and Sweatshops

Labor issues like discrimination on the basis of religion, sex, and age were to be done away with and employees had to be given a right to organize themselves to press for their rights. For this particular case Nike face lots of ethical ad social issues. Remuneration, however, is not oriented on the cost of living.

Human rights organizations are pressuring Nike to follow suit in other U. However, these changes have not come about as quickly as many would have hoped.

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This greatly discourages labor rights advocates who had felt that Nike was making serious amends to its exploitative practices. Nike Case Study specifically for you. Many Nike factory jobs do not qualify as technical vocations and the csae Nike factories cannot be considered vocational schools. Thai Binh and Hiep Hung.

Sweatshop Debate: Nike Case Study Essay

Nic do not agree that it is ethical for Nike to pay endorsers millions while its factory employees receive a few. Unions and college student groups have been leading the drive for sweatshop boycotts. The first initiative was to stop the use of a toxic adhesive called toulene.

The second initiative raised the minimum age of all footwear factories to 18 and raised the minimum age of apparel and equipment factories to