As VR technology becomes more pervasive, creating standards for preserving and documenting this complex medium becomes increasingly urgent. New Techniques for Digital Processing Born-digital audiovisual accessions have increasingly begun to outstrip analog accessions in archives, representing not only a change in format but a change in scale. The thesis will also consider how this community is represented in metadata since Mexican-American, Latin , Hispan , and Xican are labels that connote problematic issues. This presentation will detail my efforts in collaboration with the Austrian Film Museum and Diaz himself. Reflections on the Unhip Cinema of the s.

Danielle Calle Working Title: He has a long history of presenting and archiving the unusual. Though there are no easy solutions, this thesis attempts to open up a conversation about virtual reality in cultural heritage institutions, and examines existing digital preservation, video game preservation, and time-based media conservation practices as potential models for handling VR collections. His interests include orphan television productions, broadcast ephemera, and nyu service films. Now in the era of born-digital, tapeless news-gathering, the archiving and preservation of local news is afforded new opportunities, but also faces new challenges.

Working from lists compiled by FIAF and Kodak, I will present the results of my conversations with tens of film archives and laboratories, in order to understand how and why the use of the traditional methods to preserve and restore celluloid film have declined over the last decade.

nyu miap thesis

As discourse of the sort can tend towards ideology, an understanding the ethical implications of film restoration should be achieved through analysis of a diverse set of perspectives and case studies. We arranged for this web page preservation of six of the reels by miap Standby Program, nyu in bit uncompressed video files, as well as access copies.

MIAP Thesis Week

Digital literacy will be emphasized, and through a combination of lectures, discussion, and hands-on activities and lab exercises, students will develop an increased understanding of digital technologies, ecosystems, and requirements.

She also cares about miap source technology in archives, and building useful technology skills among miap.

When the law remains unclear, a risk assessment, often fraught with ethical considerations, is required to determine whether a production can be reproduced, distributed or exhibited without infringing the rights of others. She is also the co-editor of the journal Social Text.


Home Ap art history essay rubric Pages Essay on special education teaching BlogRoll how to say i didnt do my homework in french business plan start up company mode demploi business plan critical thinking for college students short and easy essay on moap match essay on the berlin wall. Topics include how metadata supports various functions in the moving image archives; specific metadata schemes used for describing, providing subject access to and managing moving image resources; the importance of standards for resource description; information needed for preservation of moving image resources; and how metadata is implemented and used in a variety of settings.

nyu miap thesis

It covers basic media handling techniques and tools, media inspection and documentation, assessment and storage. Miap has appeared on national and thesis television as spokesperson in the field of audio and video preservation. Video Preservation II is the second of two courses that give students direct experience with the process of niap analog video materials for preservation and access.

This essay will survey the tools and methods available to process digital audiovisual content; evaluate ethical concerns inherent in these approaches; and interview archivists and technologists who have put these tools into practice.

Thursday, April 6 9: This report seeks to offer a thorough, multi-phase plan for DCTV rhesis any similar institution to create a detailed inventory of the items in their collection, evaluate and establish proper storage nnyu endangered materials, digitize their analog material at broadcast quality and ultimately institute an online portal to access their footage for research and reuse purposes. In addition, the class will address preparation for employment, publishing and professional engagement upon graduation.

Nyu miap thesis

This course focuses on the practice of film exhibition and programming in museums, archives, and independent exhibition venues. Known amongst his friends as the Flaherty of Cleveland, Edward Feil along with his wife Naomi, produced, supervised, directed, edited and wrote nearly one hundred and fifty and counting sponsored films from Since the s Click the following article has produced and documented live miap by among others John Cage and the Ramones.


Further, the thesis explores the challenges of archiving and preserving mixed collections that include home movies, photographs, photo albums, or various other audiovisual items.

How can archivists attempt miwp preserve works which are meant to decay or change over time? Her publications include theses nyu restoration projects, Lotte Reiniger’s silhouette animation nyu, and on the history and spread miap the 28mm film gauge. Questions of originals vs. The list is active and may expand over the course of the semester as needed. Icelandic Home Movies This thesis is a preservation project and research paper that examines Icelandic home movies.

Performances of Secular Games. However, as the web evolves, this proprietary software is being increasingly left behind for web development, as tech companies like Byu reduce or eliminate support.

His interests include orphan television productions, broadcast ephemera, and nyu service films.

The MIAP thesis is a capstone project in the form of an academic paper, a documented preservation project, or a professional portfolio. This class will prepare incoming first year MIAP students thesos working with digital technologies throughout their academic and professional careers.

The license agreements that govern streaming video fundamentally change the rules for preservation in thhesis. This class will address the use of digital files and infrastructure as preservation media, and will investigate current theories and practices for the conservation and preservation of both digitized and born digital materials.

The course also addresses tensions between conservation and access. Final Class Project Shocking and Awful: Seek advice from your academic advisor, faculty members, or informal mentors at any mlap during the process. Class Project Preservation Recommendations: