After viewing the guide, you will have a good idea of what you need to do to enter the United States, maintain your student status once in the country, and benefit from the many opportunities available throughout your stay in the U. Advisors and students should meet periodically to discuss progress. Global Corporate Ethics, Compliance and Governance: Russia and the World. Is it possible to switch from a full-time program to a part-time program during my course of study? To declare or change a concentration, email graduate.

What resources are available for international students? How do I request verification of my enrollment? Is there the opportunity for work study while attending the program? The faculty sponsor will set any preliminary deadlines or special conditions necessary for successful completion of the project. Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament.

nyu msga thesis

Transformation in Central Asia. From History to the Future. No degree can be awarded to a student who has not maintained matriculation up to and including the semester of graduation.

Each semester, MSGA groups host a kick-off event to welcome new and continuing members. You can contact your administrative advisor directly or contact the entire MSGA administrative team at graduate.

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines

However, capstone advisors have the discretion to require that individual students submit alternative or additional written components e. It offers job listings, country guides, research on employment trends, and information regarding visa requirements. War Crimes Prosecutions in the Former Yugoslavia: The maximum number of credits a graduate student should take per semester is 12 4 classes.


Whatever the final product, however, it is required that capstone projects make an explicit, identifiable contribution to a particular topic or field within global affairs. Joint Research Seminar in Peacebuilding.

MSGA Thesis/Capstone Boot Camp Workshop

We provide career-related materials including general information, industry-specific information, and specialized resources to help in your exploration of professional options. Masculinities and Global Politics. In addition to the written thesis, students must prepare for and participate in a Defense of Thesis Presentation of no longer than 15 minutes in length.

Upon completing these requirements, students will then use the inter-session break and final semester to: If you are interested in having someone critique your interview style or edit your resume, Wasserman career counselors are happy to sit down with you. How do I request verification of my enrollment? Applications for these courses are due in the semester prior to enrollment. Indeed, as is discussed below, the thesis preparation process is best thought of as taking longer than a single semester.

Language courses are not a required component of the MS in Global Affairs program. Advanced Colloquium Private Sector. A minimum of 6 courses or 18 credits are required in your chosen concentration. Forces for Change and Alternate Scenarios. A focus on Geneva. You will be asked to submit course syllabi and an official transcript to the MSGA department.


Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines – MSGA Academic Website

You must be mindful of all deadlines pertaining to your graduation. Human Trafficking and People Smuggling. Summer courses meet twice per week. Thesia Projects Overview Capstone projects are generally either an individual or group effort toward producing a non-traditional product e.

nyu msga thesis

MSGA students go on to assume leadership positions in government agencies, nongovernmental and community-based organizations, regional and international organizations, multinational corporations, the media, and scores of allied institutions. Your Faculty Advisor is assigned to you based on your advising survey at the start of your first semester.

Thesis Boot Camp – MSGA Academic Website

Is it possible to enroll part-time as an mssga student? To request a waiver of a core course or concentration pre-requisite, email graduate. Security Global Economy Peace-building Dev.

This series is free and open to graduates as well as the public and provides ample opportunity for networking. It is sometimes necessary or desirable for a student to take a leave from enrollment for a period of time. Gender and Development — Policy and Politics.