Personal selling pushes the buyer through the remaining stages of the process. To the Roleys, they would not be in favour of the branch based bonus as it would be payable whether or not the business is profitable , unlike in the current bonus scheme. If the staff of APSL are unhappy with the changes, APSL will need to inject more money in to the business finding appropriate staff and recruiting the right people for the job as well as training them. However, house sales are rarely similar in terms of duration and complexity , it depends on the state of the housing market and SLSL does not have full control over all the processes. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Monopolistically Competitive Market The market is ‘monopolistically competitive’ line 11 In monopolistic competition:

The property will most likely not sell, and SLSL will not get any commission. SLSL is a private limited company Ltd. It would involve substantial costs. This may not seem fair to lower income vendors and so different flat fees could be used in different branches. SLSL project a professional image by: The staff at Oakford and Upham want a branch based bonus to be implemented as they feel they contribute more to the company’s profits.

Key stakeholders would like the idea if it can be shown to be profitable.

Ocr business studies f297 case study 2014

To the Roleys, they would not srudy in favour of the branch based bonus as it would be payable whether or not the business is profitableunlike in the current bonus scheme. Therefore, one suggestion could be that APSL no longer supply to the caravan companies, and make a direct focus on the exporting markets.


ocr business studies f297 case study 2014

SLSL deals with solicitors and g297 on a frequent basis and it is therefore important to maintain good relations with them. The summer of should be a peak shows falling prices. Conveyancing involves drawing up a contract between vendor and buyer. They do this by keeping in contact with conveyancers etc. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

ocr business studies f297 case study 2014

This is an excellent example of how revision cards can be used to fully analyse a particular case study. APSL need to recognise that the Studiez market has been a major factor for their success and therefore, if APSL begin to neglect them for overseas consumers, it may not be the best decision.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Give it the best you can. Custom No custom page is found. This means the seller is not studdies to point out weaknesses, but they should not tell untruths to get a sale.

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A new loan will increase the loan burden, impacting profits. As they currently have cash flow problems, this would help to improve this, and then have more money to complete the objective of boosting dividends. Table 2 shows us that, despite historically low interest rates, mortgage lending has not increased substantially, and therefore, the long studh recovery of the housing market has not occurred.

An inflated valuation of a property misleads the vendor and ultimately will not do any good for SLSL.

OCR Business Studies Strategic Management Case Study Analysis 2012

Does it help in achieving SLSL’s revenue objective? Another alternative is to request a first payment when an offer is accepted e.


So when I was writing this I was not sure whether I was able to include other objectives in my answer.

Weaknesses – disappointing performance of Stamton, tension between branches. Email required Address never made public. It is unlikely that SLSL has sufficient internal funds to set up a fourth branch. Threats – constant threat of new entrants in the market, macroeconomic changes.

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Consider stkdies and long-term when possible. The staff at Oakford stdy Upham want a branch based bonus to be implemented as they feel they contribute more to the company’s profits. You are commenting using your Google account. Prioritise the order in which points will be discussed.

The fall in the final few months show that property is becoming slightly more affordable. Current assets are cash or assets that will be turned into cash in the near future.

For solution, you should read Custom Error Page Guide. A rise in revenue can be achieved by: Therefore moving factories to Hull would be an expensive move that even if they manage to survive, would be unlikely to benefit the company in long run. Meaning even more cash flow issues for that month. SLSL can make use of non-price elements of the marketing mix in 2f97 to convince customer to pay a higher price commission.