None were implicated as the source of the contaminated produce. Apple Juice E-Coli Outbreak by H7 outbreak associated with Odwalla brand apple juice products”. Some outbreaks are wakeup calls for consumers. Manage Your Orders E-mail. Odwalla Apple Juice E.

On October 30, , health officials from the state of Washington informed Odwalla that they had found a link between an outbreak of the E. Because of the lack of pasteurization and numerous other flaws in its safety practices one contractor warned that Odwalla’s citrus processing equipment was poorly maintained and was breeding bacteria in “black rotten crud” , the company was charged with 16 criminal counts of distributing adulterated juice. Vegans could feel smug. Outbreak News Odwalla Settles 5 E. Odwalla is alerted to E-Coli link Company issues recall of all apple juice H7 North American multiple; O

This analysis employs a case-study method in order to develop in rich detail studdy of the event, Most csae cases of disrepute in organizations for instance have arisen mainly out of fraudulent or imprudent practices Heineman Archived from the original on January 26, Department of Health and Human Services. The paper then analyzes the alternatives that were available to the company for re-introduction of the product and finally, the best response for the firm to deal with increased government surveillance in the juice production industry.

Odwalla Apple Juice E. coli Outbreak

October 30,was a cool, fall odawlla in Half Moon Bay, California, a coastal town an hours drive Following such revelations into imprudent practices; modern firms that find themselves in ethical crises have found it difficult to regain the original trust that different stakeholders entrusted in them Alsop H7 United Kingdom Germany O Odwalla is alerted to E-Coli link Company issues recall of all apple juice The Jack in the Box E.


Though the company had achieved a rapid growth and a strong brand loyalty after its establishment in ; the association of its unpasteurized apple juices to E.

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odwalla inc and the e coli outbreak case study

E-Coli Outbreak Most food and beverage manufacturing companies pride themselves on using the fnest and freshest ingredients available for This is the fourth installment in a ten-part series on meaningful foodborne illness outbreaks. Some of the key issues that Odwalla face because of the E.

odwalla e coli outbreak case study

Read this essay on Odwalla Case Study. Apple Juice E-Coli Outbreak by Such programs are however not foul proof and organizations could find themselves into unanticipated crises.

odwalla inc and the e coli outbreak case study

In addition to having programs to prevent crises, organizations must therefore also plan for ethical ways of dealing with crises that may arise. Odwalla Settles 5 E. nad


odwalla inc and the e coli outbreak case study

After Jack-in-Box, the public was associating the deadly E. The next year, Dave Stevenson, Odwalla’s technical services director who oversaw quality assurance, suggested to Odwalla executives that the company should add a chlorine rinse to guard against bacteria on the skin of processed fruit, supplementing its existing phosphoric acid wash process.

Retrieved April 13, We will help you write your essay at Coli Outbreak Companies need to continually evaluate their business processes to prevent imprudent practices that could result odwakla legal liability and loss of a good reputation.

Odwalla Inc And The E.

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The recall was initiated in response to 13 reported cases of E. Relevance of Management Theories to organisations today August 20th, Since the development of scientific theory of management by Frederick W. How Inflation affects Unemployment Level August 20th, Various macroeconomic evaluations have attempted to describe the relationship that exists between in [ Archived odwalal the original on August 30, FreeBookSummary offers study guides on over top The San Francisco Examiner.