Save yourself some drama and buy yourself some insurance. Ive been maintaining a gud cgpa through out the semesters. Ameera ameen 24 November at They told me at their end, it is ptptn being processed. During the deferment period, the administrative cost is still calculated based on the monthly letter balance.

The above requirement is the most important pre-requisite of all and should not be confused with any fixed CGPA. Anonymous 15 October at Derek Email osmanloanserves gmail. First Class confirmation letter if it is not stated “First Class” on borrower’s degree. So before that, frm the day we finish our last paper until the convocation day we dont have to payback yet right? How to Become a Scholar in 5 Steps Oct 23,

Approvals within Hours? Unknown 4 November at All the documents needed are stated in the screenshot above or just go visit the website just in case they changed the documents required!

Hi can i still apply for the exemption if I over 1 year of convocation?

official application letter for ptptn exemption

This means that the administrative cost will be charged for as long as there is loan balance. Get unsecured working capital? You can get the MQA letter from your school.

Application letter for ptptn loan exemption – Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The reason being, our certificates do not have the word “First Class” on it so we needed a letter from Monash which was previously only issued to 4-years business students with Honours but now it is possible to get it for a 3-year Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree. An Applicatiln No Kishi!!! I’ve shared my experience on the process of application of PTPTN Repayment Exemption in my university and I know some of you appliation came from other university, so I’m here to blog again the general process.


official application letter for ptptn exemption

Bring supporting letter from University. Anonymous 15 October at Im not saying normal staff is not helpful, but they have a limitation.

PTPTN Repayment Exemption – Convert to Scholarship / | It’s Life !

I call and ask but they say its compulsory to pay this payment where they start charging 6 months right after study Completed the studies in within the period as stated in the financing agreement. Your degree loan account will be removed after approved maybe next following year? Everyone shold write a huge thank you card to J for fighting for it! If you have not, then register with Afterschool right away as our academic experts are eager to light your way with their years of expertise.

From PTPTN websiteyou must submit the complete application within 12 months from the date of the convocation, but I suggest that try to apply this exemption within 6 months!

Hence, please check their official website for the latest update. I am now the bread winner of my family.


PTPTN first class exemption

Can I know how was the term indicated? Second stage they check your submitted documents for validation. So I would be nice if I can have an alternative officer’s num to deal with, Thanks: Thanks and Best Regards.

official application letter for ptptn exemption

Thank for the reply isroxck! Fredrick Ooi 15 March at Hi Fredrick, the requirement states that application must be done within 1 year after convocation. Show posts by this member only Post 9.

I believe most Unis know what to do and what to prepare so it’s best to refer to your uni to get the documents ASAP. The declaration form looks like above not complete one because I’ve cropped it.

Anonymous 9 June at As what I know, this condition was new and actually i had applied for ptptn since year september.

I am not a smart student. During my application process, some people told me that it no longer exist because applicqtion budget has changed and how PTPTN side has removed the exemption blah blah blah. Derek Email osmanloanserves gmail.