So, what’s the latest with less than fours to go before the royal nuptials? The pageboys, in keeping with Bernadotte family tradition, wore sailor suits. SVT has just been showing its engagement interview with Daniel and Victoria. The piece was given to her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria of Sweden, her sister’s namesake, following her wedding in Jobs in Sweden Browse jobs Post a vacancy. The decorative silverware comes from the Brazilian silver service that belonged to Brazilian Empress Amalie. And that’s it – the couple process out of the church, followed by the rest of the Swedish and foreign royal families.

Get a month’s worth of your favourite newspapers and magazines – for free. From cleantech equipment vendor Climeon to solar cell company Exerger, the city is pioneering tomorrow’s sustainable solutions, today. The royal couple received 1, Orrefors glasses designed by Erika Lagerbielke. Paul Rapacioli, outside Royal Palace, 3: Other pages Social events Property market Noticeboard Discussion forum. Speaking at the banquet, the King addressed persistent rumours that he had previously disapproved of the match, wanting her to marry someone of higher rank:. After the wedding, and mingle in the concert hall was the whole party out to wave to the couple who left their guests at the Concert Hall’s main entrance in a vintage model Ford Transit from

The royal couple gives the Swedish national anthem real heart, as does the crowd, which continues to charge forward. When asked if he practiced for the new century came an even broader smile.

Sun makes an appearance just in time for the cortege. My great great grandmother was a Westling from Sweden.

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The care is decorated with handmade roses and 40 lilies made of caramel. SVT has said thatpeople are believed to have lined the route during today’s celebrations. Guests were treated to a dinner including lobster from Sweden’s west coast, cod, chilled green pea soup, whitefish roe, char, poached quail egg, asparagus and beetroot from Gotland, veal sirloin from Stenhammar, strawberry mousse with rhubarb and vanilla ice cream in white chocolate, as well as a number of French wines.


It was quite clear that he had waited and made his choice with great care. Pregnant princesses join New Year greeting. Swedish rockers Roxette have arrived at Stockholm Cathedral – will they play or they merely guests at the wedding? It’s quite incredible, the openness of the Swedish Royal Court.

How many other royal families would allow the media to film close up while they ate wedding cake? You can get the latest Royal News right in your inbox. Following the tribute, and the official photographs, the couple joined their guests for the Wedding Banquet.

olle westling wedding speech english

But for the food and drink that we have enjoyed so far, I would like to thank you most humbly and sincerely on behalf of myself and all my fellow guests! Curiously, Bern will remain in and around the media centre throughout the day despite having access to the ceremony.

I thought it was astonishing positive and very reflective olld the live-and-let-live attitude of Sweden generally speakingas well as the bride and groom. The wedding’s a big deal in Finland, which was part of Sweden until years ago. The cake weighed an astonishing 25okgs, and was cut by the bride and groom as the clock neared midnight. On top of this is a champagne mousse with a wild strawberry curd centre.

The Father of the Groom, Olle Westling’s Speech

Just saw [Green Party spokesman] Peter Eriksson wandering around the back streets of Gamla Stan in old jeans and t-shirt looking lost and stressed!


Royal watcher and author Susanna Popova is the only person wfstling of the immediate circles around the Crown Princess who westlling reportedly seen the dress, the rest of us mere mortals will simply have to wait our turn. Get notified about breaking news on The Local. We cooperate with German agencies.

Victoria & Daniel’s Wedding – Reception

After the wedding, and sperch in the concert hall was the whole party out to wave to the couple who left their guests at the Concert Hall’s main entrance in a vintage model Ford Transit from Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted? The way the two of you interact is truly exceptional.

Prince Edward, who quit the royal marines, has eschewed the military uniforms beloved of royals, but is wearing very smart formal evening wear with a royal blue sash. Most Exalted Member Reputation: David Landes, Gustaf Adolfs torg, Need a workerLooking for full time job anywhere in Sweden.

Instead of getting some valuable sleep, she stayed up the whole night…writing. She will be entering to the Duke of Gloucester’s March. I spot a man who appears to be an African or Caribbean diplomat or ambassador in an impeccable black suit heading towards what the wedding.

olle westling wedding speech english

The King and Crown Princess have given short speeches to the crowds gathered at Leijonbacken. Business Development Manager – Germany. Here is little Vera in whole figure Hedwig in pink and mum Eva in the back.