Flexibility can help in saving resources. Makes the point that although speed can have considerable advantages, it also has its ‘dark side’. Dependability means do things on time, well management and coordination with every operation process. From the general manager comment, Penang Mutiara hotel was support with luxury ambience by using stylish design and top-class materials. To overcome the threats, Wernie can enhance the technology strategy, stay ahead of his competitors and capture new market share with an effective Direct Online Distribution Strategy with the advantages of having direct online distribution cuts costs, attracts affluent customers and lessens the dependency on online discounters and more traditional and expensive channels.

In fact, we have a policy of making sure that restaurant staff can always do more than one job. Dependability Dependability means do things on time. Visit the company’s websites and: This could potentially reduce the percentage of mis-packed items from 0. First, the steel is delivered as part of a far larger batch containing enough steel to make possibly several hundred products. It is inward-looking and, at best, reactive with very little positive to contribute towards competitive success.

A Case Study on the Operations Objectives at the Penang Mutiara – Case Study

Right resources must be provided by managers. Since majority of the revenues in hospitality will be generated from the Internet. Its aim, says Managing Director Alan Jones, is to ‘provide the fastest and most reliable express delivery service. They must also have sufficiently flexible facilities and equipment so that time is not wasted waiting for equipment to be brought to the patient. In spite of its high ‘material’ costs, however, an individual supermarket can do little Low cost is a universally attractive objective Cost could mean In addition, dependability arrangement can help in reducing the chance of duplicating input expenses or the recourses leaving unused increasing the cost of maintain or store fee, or labor cost.


When most rescues are only a couple of minutes’ flying time back to the hospital, speed can really save lives. Speed adds flexibility – fast response adds the capability for operations to the flexibility dealing with urgent things.

Internal neutrality This is the very poorest level of contribution by the operations function. This could cut down the process time by ten days.

Dependability objective, which means to do things on time and to deliver timely promises made to the customers. John Hendry-Pickup, 9 Source: So one important way to improve cost performance is to improve the performance of the other operations objectives see Figure 2.

The elapsed time your pneang. Honda Motor Company Introduction If any operation wants to understand its strategic contribution it must answer two questions. It means developing the capabilities which allow the organization to improve and refine its strategic goals. Hexed operations leads to quickly make changes or echelons Tort canalling conditions and overcomes disrupting the other operation.

Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara Essay Example for Free – Sample words

This has an important side-effect – it greatly helps us to maintain the motivation of our staff. And how would they do this? The following information compares the approximate productivity in hours-per-vehicle HPV for some automobile manufacturers and their profit-per-vehicle PPV source: The name Mutiara means ‘pearl’ and is also a term of endearment in the Malay language. This will result in empty bus seats if too large a bus has to be used or loss of revenue if potential objectivess are not transported.


operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

Lack of long term plans. For example, the role and performance of the company’s operations function is hugely important to TNT Express. Low price will be the universal objectives to the customers.

A Case Study on the Operations Objectives at the Penang Mutiara

Log In Sign Up. What role should the operations function play in achieving strategic success? As part of human resource management, Wernie should encourage two way communications between higher management and staff.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

How the conditions oneself use to emulate in the market place defines the competitive benefit which need to create. This sometimes involves air freighting our packing out to customers.

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What is software engineering. Communication improvement can show expected benefits and early results. Customers can be the cheapest and effective way to generate business. Internally, by allowing a good return to the organization, low operating expenses and low employment overhead by engaging temporary staff during peak period to avoid abundant staff after the season can achieve cost reduction which means more incentives, welfare and bonuses for staff.

In not-for-profit operations, these stakeholder groups can overlap.