After working urgently on your homework I can’t do any of this art stuff. That funky laugh… That’s how she really is. Forgot your username or password? Have you ever fapped to persona 4 porn pictures. That’s not the real me. August 27 – August

How can you say no to Nanako and make her do the work all by herself, what a horrible person you are! Reincarnation- I just need to write a picture diary. I came to fill up on gas since I was here on inn business. Oh, hey Takeshi… W-Were you robbed again? You’re smart, big bro! School’s starting back up soon.

Persona 4 Part #51 – 8/26//29/11

Like having to spend 3 nights on a Homework assignment? What will happen if I don’t complete it? I thin kyou ovly have to do it once, and the game forces you to.

I had to ask her what that meant. How did she manage to cover that? You can raise S-link with party members by nanak Nanako with hers.

You’ll be forced to do it on the last day, which is probably for the best. Persona 4 summer homework? Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? I’m not sure if you have to, but it raises up S. I wasted my time doing it every day as soon as it told me. Obtained the Power Charge skill card from Yoshitsune!


I swore to quit being nothing but the girl Yukiko can rely on… So… I just tried my best.

If you played with the slinks in mind though or using the guidechances are you won’t be needing the boosts. But it’s Nanako, don’t be homeworl heartless bastard.

persona 4 nanako summer homework

I just need to write a picture diary. Don’t have an account? He was all alone… so he wasn’t angry or sad… The king said he was happy… But I feel sad for him… …… Um, big bro?

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Speaking of which… What’s up with Yukiko-san? Talking about the past leads to nowhere in particular Would you like to join me? I’m a man of my word. After Nanako finished her research, you put her nanao bed and returned to your room.

persona 4 nanako summer homework

We could make a day trip of it, so there’s no problem sujmer going there now. I have to write a paper about my favorite animal.

persona 4 nanako summer homework

Well at least you made Doctor Who proud http: At least you don’t have forced summer classes like in P3. You’re with me right now because I’m Risette, yeah? Starting this soon, any yomework tips I should know? No one expected anything of me.


Hmm… Which one should I choose…? Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

I wasn’t interested in being an idol, but… I wanted the chance to change myself… And just by chance, I won. Keep me logged in on this device. Licnk Points with all your Party Members.