This course examines comedic genres such as farce and parody and emphasizes their historical development in works from various cultures. This course prepares students to produce clear, well-developed, well-organized, grammatically correct writing. Cross-listed with Women’s Studies, English is designed to meet the “literary knowledge and experience” requirements of the Loyola Core. It also studies myth, pastiche, and humor as literary modes employed to challenge stereotypical depictions of “the Indian” in dominant Western culture. In this introductory course we will explore how writers tease the reader with multilayered texts, rich in imagery, clever word choices, and interesting insights into human behavior. To do this, we will be examining literature about work.

Indeed, perhaps the only way to define creative nonfiction is to identify its constitutive elements: This is a workshop course in creative nonfiction, the fastest growing genre in publishing. Students are expected to complete one of the following: Regular attention is paid to grammar and techniques of revision. Fantastic representations of social, political, technological, and environmental issues are considered. Students will also be asked to establish their own claims by way of shorter responses and longer formal essays. In this course we will study the works of selected English authors of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, examining the intellectual and social contexts in which their poetry was produced as well as the literary traditions they employed and transformed.

Our course covers the rhetorical principles of effective writing, focusing on particular types of discourse practiced in business sssay professional settings. It will provide an understanding of the literary and cultural traditions of the sub-continent: What is literary interpretation and what role does it have in the production of literary meaning?

What is a nation and what is ours like?

personal essay prewriting eng/220

Finally, the course addresses the disciplinary and pedagogical practices underwriting the study of South Asian literatures in English in the western academy. We will use a process approach to writing, emphasizing problem-solving, prewriting strategies, and editing and revision skills.


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Prewritign course offers students continued practice in drafting, revising, and editing essays. It includes works that focus on conservation and ecology. Myths and symbols are traced from their early sources through the 21st century. Students produce a final collection of poetry in a self-published chapbook and give a reading of their work for the final.

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This course will also explore important conceptual questions about literature and its study in order to help students develop the skills of analysis and interpretation needed to approach literature in a sophisticated manner.

If students have never tutored at the Center, they must attend one evening of persojal. A and doctoral examinations and the dissertation for those of you in the PhD program. Lovecraft, Angela Carter, and others. It examines the creation and emergence of American culture by engaging indigenous texts and colonial literatures some in translationRevolutionary Era writers, and early National writers, including some texts by former slaves.

We well, you will also write papers, take exams, and be flogged—the entire range of academic abjection, in one convenient course.

How does literature participate in the building of our cultural and prewritig points of view? This class will provide an introduction to the understanding and analysis of poetry through the study of a wide range of poems in English.

The course offers a historical survey of mystery and detective fiction as well as of the various subcategories of the genre e.

This is a foundational course that introduces key literary and critical terms and explores a variety of critical approaches to the analysis and interpretation of literature. Dual listed with AFR This course essa development of African American literature from early slave narratives and folklore following the advent of the trans-Atlantic slave trade through the Revolutionary, pre- and esssy War periods, to the major literary flowering of the s Harlem Renaissance.


Writing is an integral component of the course. This is a workshop course in creative nonfiction, the fastest growing genre in publishing.

Readings will include the following writers: Students tutor adult learners, some of whom are native English speakers preparing for the GED or improving their literacy skills.

This course, conducted as a workshop, is for students prewritong in exploring the craft of writing for the stage and screen. This course will investigate the process by which different ways of creating a modern poetry arose in dialogue with and, sometimes, in reaction against each other. We will augment discussion with video clips when possible. Students analyze and interpret published texts in the sciences.

Theory and Development Prerequisites: Engaging with literature can help to shape our sense of self-identity, but it can also provide a means to step outside of ourselves. Literature is examined as both a product of its time and as influential force in society. Writing is an integral component of this course.

personal essay prewriting eng/220

This course examines grammatical systems and linguistic theory with primary emphasis upon first and second language acquisition. Focusing primarily on the prwwriting of modern-day colonization, independence and partition, decolonization, and globalization, this course also investigates the representation of multiple nationalities, ethnicities, classes and castes, religions, linguistic traditions, gender and sexuality, migration, and “terror” in the writings.

personal essay prewriting eng/220