I am unbelievably excited to meet my first primary class and for all the fun learning that lies ahead! In a weeks time I will be starting my serial placement and the thought fills me with both excitement and angst, but mostly the former. Ministry of Education Singapore. How would you tackle explaining a challenging concept? This is a two-parter: There are no exams, instead the course is graded through continuous assessment by way of 3 essays.

Posted by Miss Honey — No Comments. What qualities do you have that will help you in a teaching profession? The critical element is where the loop experience is extrapolated and used to reflect the incident? Always happy to help or maybe more of a hindrance! You will be on placement for a total of 18 weeks and this is split into blocks I believe each university is different.

I always knew that I wanted to be a primary school teacher ever since I was a little girl, although I veered from the path a few times.

I interviewed at Ministry of Education Singapore in April They propose the threefold process of Johnson, For whom is it not working? How would you tackle explaining a challenging concept? Interview Questions Why teaching? Much more to follow. You will be on placement for a total of 18 weeks and this is split into blocks I believe each university is different.

You wax lyrical engineers, especially those with electronics trainees and observations on how they about a concept expressing your thoughts, and systems backgrounds.

MOE Interview – Goh Yi Keng / 奕庆 / Kayden / BGYK

This opens us up to the number one principle of life: Integrate some of these in your response. You will be asked to choose which 5 local authorities you would like to work for in your probation year in order.


Had to prepare a 5 min lesson. We’re sorry but your feedback didn’t make it to the team. So use references those names and dates in brackets to demonstrate your reading and understanding.

Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher.

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Do not say anything that you can not back up. None of pgre essays were easy but you are given a lot of support from university and it is the best feeling once you have completed each one! Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Remember me on this computer.

pgde essay questions

Last by not least is the interview proper where questions are ask about your strengths, abilities, reasons for applying to be a teacher, and what do you think are the necessary skills of a teacher e. I hope to keep MissHoneyBakes updated with my journey and progress… Wish me luck!

pgde essay questions

Try and be yourself, dress appropriately in a professional manner, take time and think about the response you provide to questions. This then followed onto an individual face quuestions face interview with questions about me, personal statement and what I could offer the teaching profession.

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pgde essay questions

Confidence, risk, and the journey into praxis: Just practice with hypothetical questions before the interview. What will you do differently and is closed Figure 4with feedback, in the form on and improve performance and practice.


Ministry of Education Singapore PGDE Interview Questions

I was very lucky enough to be given a school which I had one of my placements at, in fact I have been allocated to one of the classes I previously taught whom you may know as the class I made the rainforest cake for! What is your opinion? The interview is not easy and not everyone will successfully pass the selection stage for teacher training. I thought it may be of use to write a blog post on my own personal experience of questiojs a teacher.

Teacher Training Interview Questions & Answers, PGCE

The local authority you are allocated to is worked out at random, you are then allocated to a school within this local authority. My own initial teacher training PGCE interview process Year involved a group question and answer session and a minute informal talk.

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