After doing the following thought experiment, I came to the same conclusion as ZetaOfThree. Newton’s Law’s — take notes. Therefore we need to use a linear magnification not angular for the objective, to convert the actual object size to the first image size. The larger the image that is formed by the object on the retina, the larger it will appear. Week of May 6 -.

Mon – Read Video on Simple Machines. West High AP Physics 1. Once the volume of water displaced by the steel ball surpasses the weight of the ping pong ball the balance scale will tip to the right. Two Conditions of Equilibrium and an example.

physics homework #52

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Mon – Watch these two videos and take notes: Work on Final Exam Review Packet in your spare time. Week of Feb 19. Same guy, but scroll down to the Supercram Videos for condensed versions.


In this configuration the balance scale is tipped to the left homwork the weight of the ping pong ball. Mon – Read 3.


Total angular magnification of the microscope: Below are some videos you can choose from in order to review the topics we’ve covered Chapters Try this one if your computer won’t run the other. Demonstrations of Moment of Inertia start at 4: Tues – Read 8.

physics homework #52

The beaker of water on the left of the balance scale contains the ping pong ball bomework floating or suspended from the bottom by a string, makes no difference. Assuming the depth of the eye is 2.

Homework even ans and notes 16oct08

Wed – Read 6. Did anyone actually read Russ W’s post 52?

physics homework #52

Circular Motion Concept Test. Here a variant with pushing the ping pong ball down: Calculate, approximately using refractive power approximation and precisely, what corrective lens should be placed 2 cm in front of the person’s eye to enable sharp focus at 20 cm. The larger the image that is formed by the phyeics on the retina, the larger it will appear. You can add a copyright statement or legal disclaimer in this area if necessary.


Intro to Series and Parallel Circuits.

PHYSICS – Homework 6

The shorter the focal length, the more strongly a lens refracts the light thus the higher refractive power. Thursday – Read 7.

Visit this page for Practice Questions conceptual and Practice Probs mathematical. Wave Vocabulary and Wave Interference. West High AP Physics 1. Wed – Read Need more help with Two-Body problems? Presumably if the rod and phyxics was attached to the beaker after being pushed the balance would reach equalibrium as the person pushing is adding the uneven weight to one side.

Still need some instruction on projectiles fired at an angle? Need more info on Free Body Diagram drawing? Please review this S ummary of Graph Linearization! Parallel and Series Circuits.