The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Chihuahua ” by Swiss artist DJ BoBo after its release in It is sponsored by the margarine brand Star Margarine. Birit Baby is a singing competition for children who are between the ages 8 and As part of its commitment to give back for its 30th anniversary celebration, Eat Bulaga! It is a raffle segment sponsored by a chewing gum brand Chiclets where entries through envelope of those who participated in the raffle will be picked every 15 minutes during the show. It is a segment in which the hosts provide beauty tips for barangay residents who have beauty problems. The goal is to cut the wires for only the correct answers before the timer on the bomb reaches zero.

For the next round, the contestants will randomly choose one of several vaults, which contain several prices. The picturist is at the barangay while the guesser is at the studio. The theme music of the segment is ” Hotline Bling ” by Canadian rapper Drake , which the name of the segment is also based on. It serves as a promotional segment for the film. The segment is a counterpart of the segment That’s My Boy , a pageant for male children.

During the peak of the AlDub phenomenon, many songwriters became inspired to compose songs out from the love story of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Mothers and daughters who are look-alikes talk about their relationship and showcase their talent. The pair with the fastest time heads to the jackpot round. Dabarkads Hiphop Dance Challenge is a one-day dance competition between the show’s hosts to determine who is the best at hip-hop dancing.

The goal of the game is to pick the box that contains the number “1” and place it in the millions place so the solvihg boxes combined would readwhich means that the player has won the highest possible jackpot prize of 1 million pesos.


The goal of the segment is to showcase to the viewers, as well as to the EB Dabarkads who will take the challenge themselves, the idea on how the staffs and crews behind the camera work to run the show. EB Heroes honors the civil accomplishments of several Filipinos who have been helping the underprivileged from far-flung faces. Audience from the studio will also have a chance to join the promo. The barangay hosts then go to the home address to meet the lucky winner.

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The segment is scripted and the outcome of the competition is previously arranged. It is a raffle promo sponsored by the detergent brand Pride and the floorwax brand Eah.

The hosts are divided into two teams. It problfm a dance contest for father and child. The elimination round has had various formats throughout the years. Contestants from the barangay must dance to the tune of “Bastelicious”.

Yellow is a one-day competition that tests the ability of the show’s hosts to paril a production number. One member must pop one balloon each to get the paper and make a mouth gesture of the word that was written on the paper to his or her teammate without releasing a voice, and the other member must guess what his or her teammate is trying to say. If both the searcher and the candidate were able to choose the same choice, they will win a P10, cash prize and will step forward for the next stage; if both the searcher and the candidate chose different solvimg, they won’t win a cash prize but will still step forward for the next stage.

Each Dabarkads is accompanied by a well-known dance group. Unlike in the American version where there is a fixed time limit per bomb and the timer continues after a successful cutthe player will be given 15 seconds for each wire the player has to cut.

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Inthe one-day segment was revived under a slightly modified title, Miss EB Universeincluding the word “Miss” in the title and completely dropping the subtitle.


Only one of those cellphones has the correct number to call Maine Mendoza.

The first bomb has no distinct mechanics except for bombs 2 or 3. The player must collect as many colored papers as he or she can while the papers are being blown around throughout the enclosure. The winner will win several prizes such as gift packs from the show’s sponsors, grocery items, appliances, and a cash prize. It is a contest for children sponsored by the milk brand: It revolves around the love story of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza as the fictional couple known as AlDubaccompanied by the comic triumvirate of Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Paolo Ballesteros as the three grandmothers.

Hand gestures are also not allowed to describe the word. Group of dancers perform to eay popular s music genre of new waveincluding the song ” Jump for My Love ” by The Pointer Sisters.

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It is a raffle promo sponsored by the local seasoning brand Aji-Ginisa by Ajinomoto. Bayanihan of d’Pipol during the love season. One notable contestant of this contest is comedian and Eat Bulaga!

The segment requires participants to have extraordinary skills to be included in the game, such as breaking hollow blocks with hands, eating fire, and stopping an electric fan with the tongue. Alaxan Muscleman is a male beauty contest for Filipino musclemen. Within those two pfoblem, nine winners were chosen.

problem solving eat bulaga april 20 2015