Find out more here. More stories from Spot. Computer addiction funny free Are you trying to figure out what could have caused you to become addicted to the computer? Listening to their advises will surely make you laugh so hard! They are also entertaining problems over the phone, just like with this girl. A post shared by Eat Bulaga eatbulaga on Oct 30, at 9: Log In via Email.

And then Paolo said that if the guy’s earring was a chandelier type that’s when Gab should be alarmed. In one of its episode, a Dabarkad tweeted,”Sino po ba ang mas matanda? Netizens loves this segment because of different funny problems from different people. In one of it’s episode, a girl called JoWaPao and asking for help to determine if her boyfriend is gay or not. When she asked why he has that kind of thing, he just reasoned out that it was hot and it has a sunblock protection.

Computer addiction funny

Jose and Wally making Filipino laugh in Canada. Screenshot from the video Next incident was when the boyfriend got his ear pierce with a butterfly earrings! And push her husband and say hey this woman have good genes what are you jokkes for? Did you work in Thailand? ComputerInternet Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects An Internet or computer addiction is the excessive use of the former or the latter.

Like Us on Facebook. Signs that your boyfriend is gay! But the funny part jokfs that the advice of the 3 guys are either not helpful or they are just making fun of your problems.


Computer addiction funny Jose said the Efren Bata is younger because jokee still has no teeth, which is true because Efren’s front teeth were already gone. Si Efren Bata o si Megan Young?

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Looks like the email you typed in is already used in these Summit sites: Search for Popular Articles. Like Us on Facebook. And this guy, this guy!!! A Thai woman who lives here in the Philippines is asking the problem solvers to teach her how to speak Tagalog.

problem solving eat bulaga jokes

Subscribe to TrendSpot’s Posts Atom. In a problemm where everybody is waiting for some bline, random disaster, or some sudden disease, the addict has the comfort of knowing what will most likely wait for him down the road. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies.

Eat bulaga problem solving funny moments

Pronlem asks what is the real name of the man and it’s Nelson. Jose teaches the woman how to say “good afternoon to all of you”, “good evening to all of you” and “I love you” in Tagalog. Who do you think is older between Solvinh Bata and Megan Young?

And the third incident was her boyfriend accidentally drop a press powder. Thanks to the cute-wacky-nanny named Yaya Dub and this angelic faced lad named Alden, they made me fell in love with Eat Bulaga for the second time and no one prepared me from the fact that this second chance at love would make me fall hard. The camera keeps on focusing alternately between the wacky nanny and this dimpled lad until… BOOM!


Nov 20, How to Overcome Computer Addiction. With Jose’s advice, if a guy loves uokes carry your bags it’s not that he wants to help you, but he enjoys carrying your bag ans he’s guy!

And you meet her there. What about you, what’s your opinion?

problem solving eat bulaga jokes

Ultimately, a computer game addiction causes considerable decline in most every area of a persons life. Sotto responded, saying, prooblem Kasalanan ng lahat ng iyan eh ang pag-inom. While signs of computer game addiction tend to follow a certain pattern, these signs can take different forms in adults and teens. Here are several more instances when the long-running noontime show didn’t always make audiences happy.

It was really a hilarious segment because Jose and the rest of the Dabarkads loves to sooving jokes and tease the residences.

Screenshot from the video.