Thank you for your guidance and time to go through our business plan and analysing it. Gross Profit Margin They can choose how and what the design should and could be, in other words their needs is our priorities. On the other hand,want a return to double profit every request from customers. Thank you for our all classmates whom also help us in giving us the information whenneeded. Take the palette woods and other equipment from the supplier and made the payment.

In order to advertise and promote our business furniture which has only start to operate a signboard license and permit is required. They just call if need to reserve any room. Therefore, the services are available but insufficient to fulfil what customer want. Registrar of Companies, hereby certify that Besides, the objective of operation is to full fill the high demands of customers. Their children grow up and they wanted more, as for this the spaces in their house could be so small to put everything, so we are currently providing them a solution to live comfortably.

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Our company name inspired from the meaning of Violet itself which is, imagination and spirituality. The potential purchase includes purchase of the competitor within the same market. Thus, we emphasize on it to identify our targeted group and we have categorized it to market segmentation. Thus, we recommended this furniture suitable with all type of income level as the businesx of our furniture is reasonable and affordable. By nguyen phuong anh. Our market size is calculated based on the total of population in Kluang citizens.


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The homestay is open 24 hours per day, days per year. This is because we have to go beyond with our competitors as well. These were prepared so that the business can run smoothly and succeed. Alamanda Homestay is located in Kota Samarahan. The objective of marketing is to create value and costumers satisfaction while at the same time resulting in profits to the company.

purpose of business plan ent300

Retail involves the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers. The average price of product is RM Besides, the objective of operation is to full fill the high demands of customers.

The business is situated at the profitable area which is at DesaIlmu, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak which is located nearby the housing area of UiTM and Unimas students where students also rent a house here. Period of Partner Agreement: It can be a movement of increase or decrease in sales. By doingthis,our food can penetrate the food consuming trend not only by the Malays but alsosuitable for others race as everyone can accept the food to be their daily consumers.


purpose of business plan ent300

Financing concerns begi with the start-up costs and then continue with business expansion and new product development. We need to assume how many percent of people purpoae the whole country that will stay at our homestay. Each of the partners: Without their help and assistance with the information and advices we are unable to do this project smoothly.

In order to make Violet The Carpenter more attractive, we have come up with marketing plans for the next year. Return on Equity Besides, we also would like to dedicate this acknowledgement to our families, course mates, friends and other people who have contributed their ideas and support in our journey to accomplish this business proposal.


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Besides, in marketing plan, we have included services description, target market, marketing segmentation, market size, sales forecast, competition, marketing strategies, marketing activities and marketing budget. The objective of our marketing plan is purpos make sure that our product is known by people around the world, and to ensure that our objective is achieved, we have to do some research of our competitors.

Every partner has belonging this business and the amount of the profit from thisbusiness as well. We purchase about pieces of mixed baked goods every day.

purpose of business plan ent300

But most of all, our goals and strategies are been prepared by her throughout this business plan. Others We solve the problem of limited operating spaces by outsourcing desserts and pastries to nearby bakery. Administration Manager are being accomplished as planned.

The amount of output to be produced per day is: Other than that, we also agree to implement our responsibilities and tasks according to our jobs description as each of us have a different portfolios.