Click here to sign up. For academic performance, Galiher and Darling , used GPA to measure student performance because the main focus in the student performance for the particular semester. The findings indicated that there was no gender difference in academic achievement of boys and girls. The results indicated that there was no significant difference between the academic achievement of male and female students. External classroom factors include extracurricular activities, family problems, work and financial, social and other problems. Survey on the Choosing right Age: The aptitude, inclination and skills of the student should be taken into consideration, especially when they apply for college and choose their career paths.

It has been three years since the NCAE was implemented but the answer on what is the relevancy of the NCAE to the academic performance of the graduating students still remains unsatisfactory to the researchers. Variable Monthly Family Pillai’s Trace 0. Educated parents can provide such an environment that suits best for academic success of their children. The importance of co-curricular activities is extremely important in case of ADHD and problematic children who are full of energy. The respondents of the study were students in the age range of years of Bhopal. Students shouldn’t make major decisions based on NCAE results alone.

This includes involvement of the respondents in investigatory projects, journalism, oratorical contest, quiz bees, webpage design and poster making contest.

research paper about ncae

The result also showed that girls were higher achievers than boys. According to Pinnock in Elsworth children take years to master their native language. Types of residency presented in table 1, majority of the respondents lives in Barangay Oratorical Contest- refers to a co-curricular activity which is one of the applications on the NCAE subtest reading comprehension and verbal ability.

Since then, academic performance has been used to grade schools and most importantly to determine researxh career paths. The findings and recommendations from this study ppaer likely to benefit students and teachers of Public Secondary Schools in Alaminos City. Poor study habits could be another contributing factor in poor students performance.


The Correlation of Ncae Examinations and the Academic Performance of the Students (Chapter 1)

There are different parts of the test, Likes or Interests, Business or Accountancy, Criminology, and many more. During reformation period, such activities got patronage. Elements include social interactions, disciplinary knowledge, active learning, emotions both positive and negativeand spiritual alignment.

Students, who are good in sports, also have good academic record. One of the reasons the NCAE was developed was to address the issue of unemployment due to workers researfh mismatched with the wrong careers.

Valu df Asym Value df Asym e Sig. Being the inquirers of this study, the researchers will be enlightened with their queries on the correlation of the NCAE results and the Academic Performance of the students.

(DOC) NCAE Academiand Non-Academic Performances | Michelle Navarro –

The intelligent students will help the low achievers to upgrade their grades and enhance their confidence. Significance of the Study The result of the study serves as the basis for career choice for senior secondary students which are congruent to their skills. The results revealed that gender play unique role in predicting academic achievement.

research paper about ncae

In view of this, May I ask permission from your good office to conduct the said study among the teachers and students in 8 Public Secondary Schools in the City. Sunitha studied academic learning environment of students from aided and unaided co-educational high schools. Teachers get more time to understand their students. In addition to cultivating knowledge, skills and attitudes teachers are expected to help the students to identify and develop their potential. The results revealed no significant gender difference in academic achievement of the students.


The high school students need guidance to identify their strengths and talents so they will be places in the field where they may excel and where these talents are maximized. The ultimate aim of education is to develop in the learner the desirable knowledge and skills, values and attitudes. The science and design of educational assessment. Address given at Rice University. Related Studies Numerous studies have been conducted concerning the relationship between co-curricular activities and academic performance.

The positive study habit is when students attend to their school work, read book to search relevant information, schedule time for doing homework, eesearch tutorials and ask teachers questions where they do not understand the concepts taught. NCAE is a test or exam that is taken by all the 3rd year or grade nine students all around the Philippines in both private and public schools in the Philippines on August 26 every year.

Psychological needs are meet by co-curricular activities. Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Grade point average was taken as measure of academic achievement of rresearch students. In a mixed ability class it has been proven that if students are not streamed according to the students capability have a higher overall attainment and equitable outcomes Boaler, The people behind the formation of this new material exhibited their instructive and enlightening.