Term of a beginning of the century. In the second graph, it is suggested that if there is a better atmosphere for learning, which includes adequate classrooms and materials, as well as incentivizing the teachers to educate the students better, then there is likely no need to implement the K curriculum. According to Hernando of Migrante International , it is the migration of Filipinos to foreign countries in search of better paying jobs as the result of lack of decent work in the country. Many Filipinos believe that being educated equals to being proficient in the English language, a huge misconception rooting from Philippine colonial education. Theoretical Framework There were many different educational theories taken into consideration during the search for a framework to follow- in the end, a Marxist structure of the theory model was chosen to guide this research paper to fruition.

On the other hand, educational borrowing refers to the borrowing of the Philippines of the educational structure in other countries. While the pre-colonial education focused more on learning how to worship local deities, passing on passing on practical knowledge for survival, and teaching respect for the laws and traditions, the Spanish colonial period focused on educating Filipinos to convert them to Christianism Dacumos, A certain portion of the population is undecided about the statement however The Division Office as well requested for a copy of the thesis to help in giving feedback and context to the newly implemented educational program in the Cubao area. Philippine Colonial Education System. Such subjects include Philippine History, Filipino, Literature, and Philippine Government and Constitution which San Juan points out were not to be found in Junior or Senior high school, or perhaps wiped out from the college curriculum. The data to be presented shall be just a summary of the results of the analysis and only key important statements shall be further analyzed for brevity.

This scene may soon become a reality for senior high school graduates who will choose to enter the work force immediately, as K not only allows for a more specific training to master certain jobs, but also the additional two years in high school allows the students to graduate in time to be 18 years old, the legal age to enter contracts, and become a full time employee.

The flight that was suppose to take an hour ford motor company cover letter thirty minutes turned into thirty min in a fabric of time through a magnetic fog. To discuss the essence of the K curriculum as to its purposes, goals and its expected outputs. For purposes of conciseness, certain responses were recoded for easier understanding. Basically, the theme of K can be simplified to this phrase, as so oftenly repeated: Area 51 conspiracy essay writer sociolinguistique dissertation death of a naturalist essay drug abuse essay thesis statements Writing ang essay sa kahirapan.

Former President Noynoy Aquino in also defends K with the worry that since the Philippines does not follow the international standard in education Philippine college graduates will not be recognized abroad and therefore adversely affect their overseas employment prospects, claiming that many OFWs were demoted due to finishing only a 10 year educational program San Juan, Due to the fact that there is not much literature yet nor research with regard to the personal views of the students undergoing the said curriculum, most of these claims are best on statistical projections based on previous academic records of those whom make it to tertiary education after graduating from high school.


research paper tungkol sa ekonomiya ng pilipinas

Other schools included in the list of those to be surveyed have turned out to not have a senior high school program, and thus were removed from the pilipinax of schools to be surveyed push through. Thus, even if the new curriculum promises easier access to jobs after graduation as well as lower the number of jobs mismatches, underemployment can still happen, unless a national industrialization occurs.

First, they used English as the medium of instruction, separating Filipinos from their own language. Okay, just from that essential data, you will see that, Secretary to enact lasting related to your question, na, uh, you can barely uhm push for any reforms due to the fact that reform that is substantial and that is, uhm, comprehensive enough their ekonomiyw term only lasts to make any impact on the system.

The total population of Grade 12 senior high school students from each school were surveyed, and pzper came from a variety of tracks and strands.

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Table 7 General Description Rexearch the talent for their chosen track and strand Mean 2. As a result, these capitalist countries and corporations would support and heavily invest in developing countries such as the Philippines where there is not much adequate security for workers think reseacrh contractualization and the weak minimum wage law for exampleas such weak protections create the environment ripe for exploitation especially of skilled laborers through labor migration.

research paper tungkol sa ekonomiya ng pilipinas

This was needed to define K and understand what are its components being a newly implemented curriculum in the country. San Juan states that capitalist countries and huge corporations hugely support K due to the gains they will benefit- this program can help them energize the global trade growth rate in order to turn up falling profit nf due to the aftermath of the global crisis.

research paper tungkol sa ekonomiya ng pilipinas

As the scene changes, the suspense and anxiety increases, because we are now watching the film from the sharks point of view but, as the shark is swimming through the water, there is a lot of weeds in his way, which makes the audience very agitated, and the speed of the shark may suggest that he is anxious to elonomiya somewhere.

For the quantitative design, a survey was employed in the collection of data. On the other hand, although their responses are varied as well to whether they will become papre students after graduating from senior high, a majority of Tech Voc students agree with this statements, as opposed eonomiya the Academic track who are mostly undecided.


Sa mga nakalipas na taon, patuloy ang paglago ng ekonomiya ng bansang Pilipinas. Aside from this, Okabe analyzed the new curriculum through three different lenses, which shall be further discussed later. There wasa direct correlation with a positive value of 0. At the end, policy recommendations were offered, hoping as a guide for law makers in order to further improve the Philippine labor export policy.

The schools that were chosen for their proximity to researc Araneta Center, which is a large commercial area generating large demand for jobs- an essential reason to the research being conducted at hand. With regard to how prepared taking into consideration factors such as enough workbooks, teachers, classrooms and the likethe responses were varied as well; however the majority was that their schools had a low level of preparation.

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Ekonomiya ng pilipinas saan papunta essay February 13, Pilipinas essay papunta saan ng ekonomiya. But even if they believed they were already prepared for work as graduates of K, they still thngkol that they would ngg better prepared for work if they went to college after Senior High although Academic students agree with this statement more than Tech Vocs.

Although this was so, only The labor force then would not just be docile workers, but creative and empowered ones whom cannot be bought by cheap wages. However, if it is the case there is not enough jobs in the country, there is always the option of encouraging Filipinos to start their own businesses, an entrepreneurial skill, which is a trait also being taught under the K curriculum.

Just want to add a couple more observations. And for the percentage of those resezrch still decided to immediately work right after graduation, Br. Another issue being contested by anti K protesters regards the fact that the track and strands that were created are in fact in favor pxper the job demands in the international market.

First, ekonoomiya take into account that the burden of financially providing for the family will be passed unto them when they graduate, thus choosing a course that will immediately afford them a job. Small tokens of appreciation were given for their time and effort to accommodate the interviewer.