Hopefully you will have kept a notebook and you can easily go through your notes to refresh your memory. If a candidate does not know the answer then they should be honest and identify what steps they would take to obtain the answer. If there was only one viable option, you will not be able to demonstrate your analytic skills which is intrinsic to achieving level 3: Posted on June 28, Updated on June 23, For example checking that I have not made any arithmetical errors is not an option, it is a compulsory best practice task. Importantly, the panel should be rotated to generate a variety of questions and they should be formal, in keeping with the final interview, with feedback held until the mock is over. For example, demonstrating value for money is part of the day job for a quantity surveyor, but demonstrating value for money when there is only one specialist contractor in Europe who can deliver the works is far trickier and therefore a key issue.

The final six months in particular require a lot of work and commitment over and above a busy day job. Ask at least 10 people try and make sure 3 of them are not surveyors to read it over for you and comment, well before the submission deadline. The candidate must describe the format of the advice given, what the advice was, the reasons for that advice and what the client did with it. Select your key issue s Write your Case Study to the requisite format Perfect your drafts applying concise and logical reasoning, using accurate vocabulary and demonstrating level 3 competencies. Your myAPCDiary data is automatically stored and backed up every day in the cloud. What are you expected to include in each section? Do it Once The final six months in particular require a lot of work and commitment over and above a busy day job.

This post will focus on the first stage: Please e-mail us at Sonia APCsupport-ltd. That will give the assessor confidence the candidate could give reasoned advice in a professional setting.


RICS APC – Delivering in Your Final Assessment

At level 1, assessors will want to check that candidates have a good knowledge of key documents — particularly those produced by the RICS — and the law. Which projects did I work on over the last 24 months?

rics apc case study example

Getting to the final assessment and being referred can be hugely demotivating and a lot of candidates find it difficult to gather themselves together and make the push for the next sitting.

It can be used to track progress. Assessors recognise that candidates will have gained a very diverse experience depending on their employment and as a result almost any of your projects is suitable for your Case Study. Responses to questions should be structured and not a response that takes the assessor on a journey as the answer forms in the candidate’s head. Online Masterclass 7pm Tonight 2nd Dec Understand the case study and how to select the right project.

At the interview the case study forms the initial presentation and the first section of questioning is based around the subject. You are commenting using your Google account. Once you have gathered your list of potential key issues, review them asking yourselves these questions.

Posted on June 28, Updated on June 23, Obviously your key issue s must be related to the competencies listed in the pathway guide and you must demonstrate at least two competencies at level 3. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The project does not need to have run smoothly or the candidate to have made all the right decisions as long as lessons learnt have been identified – another key attribute of a professional.

rics apc case study example

This field should be left blank. See our Masterclasses stuudy how to approach and write your Case Study properly: Delegates can send in their submission documents beforehand and some will be picked at random for review during the masterclass. To achieve level 1, candidates will need to know about different requirements for inspection and demonstrate an rocs of factors affecting the approach to inspection.


Getting started APC Tips said: Groups can also motivate each other and provide encouragement on those dark weekends spent inside reading up on condition surveys or feasibility studies.

rics apc case study example

The case study should be a project that demonstrates where the candidate has been challenged, and through this, used skills applicable to their pathway to resolve the issues. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: What follows are some tips on what you or your colleagues should consider when setting out on their APC. In almost every surveyor function, from valuation to project management, accurate information gathering informs the inputs that the surveyor uses to make decisions and advise the client.

As an assessor you see a wide variety of case studies, supporting information, presentations and interviews. A candidate is essentially half way through their assessment before the process moves off a subject of their choosing.

A key issue has to be something that occurred outside the daily routine tasks. What techniques can you use to best demonstrate your competencies? What the assessor wants is the actual mechanics of the inspection described step by step in a logical fashion. Choosing a case study is probably the most important decisions during the APC.

How many key issues?

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The Case Study is a big part of your Final Assessment. I would suggest candidates pause for a second or two after each question to compose their answer, or even take dase sip of water if they need a bit longer, before delivering a composed reply. Further help If you would like to prepare the detailed plan of your Case Study with our APC trainers and discuss with them your key issues and options, we offer one-to-one mentoring sessions either face-to-face Manchester or London only or apf Skype.