When I say mobility, I will have to provide you with an explanation: To apply, please go through the online application procedure. The fourth semester is spent at either the first or second university. To me, the city of Groningen has just the right size, it is not too small, but also not too big — you can get basically anywhere by bike! Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube. I especially enjoy that professors are very accessible to students.

A good illustration of how the degree programme relates to the work I do now is that the people whose research I studied as a student are now the very people I work with or encounter at meetings around Europe. Additionally, my interest for reading, literature, and history played an immense role in me choosing English Language and Culture as my study. Causes and consequences of cholestasis: Euroculture offers great opportunities if you are interested in understanding—and shaping—today’s Europe. And how does Europe protect its minorities? You are not expected to assimilate into a certain way, but rather to bring your own unique experience and background as nourishing elements of discussions.

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Your digital copies PDF can be e-mailed to: The department encourages students to participate in many conferences and symposia in the area of Euroculture and European Studies. The European Union political processes and legal structure and the cultural construction of Europe no longer have secrets for me.


In lettere you have not yet obtained your BA degree at the time of application, but plan on graduating before the Research MA programme begins, you may be granted provisional admission.

Euroculture prepares graduates for professions and research careers where knowledge of contemporary Europe and the European Union institutions are of relevance. Work okay, but a mission? I study ru and boundaries, and how they shape local communities, their identities and self-perception.

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The Admissions Board will assess the written thesiw and determine whether the prospective student can be admitted directly to the programme. Student profile A Euroculture student is someone who is: Our two-year master’s programme is ideal for students who understand that Europe’s future will be shaped not only by economics and politics, but also by struggles over identities, values, and heritage.

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The Honours College comprises a broadening part and a deepening part and has a study load of 45 EC credit points besides the ECTS credit points from your regular Bachelor programme. These research projects are thesos in the methodology course, the research seminars as well as the master’s thesis. This track is especially suited to students who would like to continue with a PhD or academic research career after completion oIf you choose this track for semester 3, you will attend research courses either at a non-EU partner university limited number of places for EU students only or at any EU partner university.

Kolar Aparna Radboud University won the prize with her Master thesis: Students who opt for this track, will conduct it at an organisation or an institution relevant to Euroculture.

Our particular strengths lie in modernism, pre-modern culture, and language development. So I asked myself, what did I find more interesting than anything else after all, I will letteeen spend the next 50 years of my doing thisand that was English.

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Consequences of a maternal western diet Thesis Nanda Gruben Revisiting the roles of hepatic inflammation and adipokines in metabolic disease Thesis Fareeba Sheedfar Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Emerging roles of the intestine in reverse cholestorol transport. Thexis since I was in secondary school, I knew I wanted to work in a field involving reading and discussing literary works. Strategies to improve the outcome of biliary atresia: Estonians in the Netherlands. The Euroculture consortium is involved in that it officially acknowledges the magazine and supports it with yearly funding for web maintenance.


Interplay between glucose, fatty acid and bile salt metabolism lettersn mouse models of fatty liver.

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Albert Gemmeker, commander of Westerbork transit camp. In your second semester, you go to a new university, where you focus on a particular region or topic. Journalist and TV producer Ad van Liempt describes in his biography how Albert Gemmekercommander of Westerbork camp during the war, got away with his actions, but lived in fear of new punishment every day eug years in Germany.

The focus of the programme is on cultural and social developments, the political process of European integration, values, citizenship and cultural identity within Europe and its correlations with the wider world.

Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube. I had a great advantage being able to say that I studied in the Netherlands and Japan. This is based on the assumption they:.

Your first semester focuses on building knowledge of Europe and the EU. Euroculture in Groningen is proud of being a founding member of the programmeand of its achievements as Programme of Excellence.

rug letteren thesis

I partake in a yearclub via student association Dizkartes and in my free time I like to write or watch classic movies. The English Language and Culture programme is offering a web class! I enjoy how the courses all seem to intertwine e.

rug letteren thesis