Beroldy adalah partner junior partner in a firm of junior dalam sebuah wine merchants, a stout perusahaan anggur, dia middle-age man, fond of the adalah pria setengah umur good things of life, devoted to yang gemuk, menggemari his charming wife, and hidup senang, sangat cinta altogether unremarkable in pada istrinya yang cantik, dan every way, Christie, sama sekali tidak menonjol Then, the form both words boss in the SL and the word bos in the TL, it is a singular, and the word category in the SL with reference to the TL is the same as well. Based on the explanation follows, it is to show that the word category in the SL with reference to the TL is not equivalent. JIAB covered various of research approach, namely: The word psychology in the SL is categorized as a noun in the word type, it is an abstractive noun. The root of the word psychology in the SL is psycholog. It is used to show that English speakers follow the French rules.

Translating English Medical Terms into Indonesian: Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word Anzora in the SL and the word Anzora in the TL have the same category. The meaning of those words is similar. Kau seharusnya harem, Christie, membangun sebuah harem, There is intentional and non intentional modification in the process of translation. That is a combination of double vowel into one vowel in the TL.

Monsieur Beroldy was a TL: The journal was initiated to encourage the research in the field of health sciences and medicine. Beispiele aus dem Computer-Wortschatz. Unudd and Indonesian languages have a differentiation of spelling system and their pronunciation.


Mungkin, Anda you know it already. The suffix —ic in the word romantic is attached to foreign bases. Suffix —ance Suffix —an romance p.

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Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word Papa in the SL and the word Papa in the TL have the same category. It is clear here that meaning is the key problem: For uniformity, English references are referred. The suffix —y in this word functions to refer to the name of science. Then, the research must have a specific dictionary related to the Arabic.

In the version of Charles Perrault, she is exploited as a servant by her family, however, she is allowed by a fairy godmother to attend a royal ball. The research was conducted by Zakiyah N, M. In regarding to the spelling and pronunciation of both languages, the concepts have to belong based on the orientation which wants achieved in the translation. Akten der gleichnamigen Sektion des Potsdamer Romanistentags, The words have the suffix —ion and —ation in the SL, which is categorized as a noun, it is an abstractive noun.

Tidak kecuali kalau diminta. Jurnal Ilmiah Teknologi Informasi Lontar Komputer [ ISSN Print ] [ ISSN Online ] is a journal focuses on the theory, practice and methodology of all aspects of technology in the field of computer science and engineering as well as productive and innovative ideas related to new technology and information systems.

The word villa in the TL is taken directly from the SL without any change.


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I tak mau percaya. Determination of the article that appeared determined by expert editors review results through a blind review process.

Metode Penelitian Bidang Sosial. The subject competence is very important when translating a new term or specific term in the TL.

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According to Adams JIAB receives rigorous research articles that have not been offered for publication elsewhere. The process of absorption was made by changing the suffix —ian into —a in the TL.

Faculty of Letter USU.

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Based on jnud meaning of both words, their meaning is equivalent and the word bank is shared in the Indonesian dictionary. Based on the explanation above, it is to show that the form both words are not the same, the word photographers is a plural form but the word fotografer is singular in the TL.

The suffix — y has a meaning characterized of something. The kind of translation is a naturalized borrowing. It was published by PT.

Analyzing borrowing techniques in the translation and elaborate more about the factor leading a borrowing in the translation 5. Therefore, there is no adjustment of spelling and pronunciation to the word Bunkair in the TL.

s2 thesis unud

Tata Bahasa Baku Bahasa Indonesia.