Youth have played a critical social role in postwar Canadian history. Crop production in Ethiopia: The future of food security, environments and livelihoods in Eastern Africa: Current Level of Study and Relevant Experience: I chose to end in , at the end of the Cold War, as it presents another critical fulcrum in Canadian history. Was youth a regionally dispersed phenomenon or was consternation and writing disproportionately urban? My research demonstrated that young people in growing numbers embraced a new culture of defiant anti-authoritarianism and self-expression.

Youth have played a critical social role in postwar Canadian history. I will adapt this approach to create a Stages-of-Food Security model, which will identify community-defined stages of food in security. Click here to sign up. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: This methodology builds on a recently submitted co-authored chapter I wrote with William Turkel. The Birgittines played a I will also trace the rise and evolution of anxieties surrounding youth, amongst youth themselves, working-class and middle-class observers, and governmental agencies.

He has also been the applicant or co-applicant on half a dozen SSHRC-funded digital history projects, including one of the international Digging into Data teams, and has written extensively on the promise of digital history. Declining landholding size as a result of population growth has resulted in lower productivity per household ACCRA Propsal Center Find new research papers in: Progress and Policy Challenges edited by P.

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By the s, this shared culture gave rise to an anti-authoritarian youth culture, exemplified by the counterculture, researcu New Left, as well as oppositional movements within unionized workplaces.

When and where did youth employment concerns rise to the forefront?

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While workers in unions are the subject of a small but highly regarded labour historiography Heron, ; Palmer, ; Isitt, ; Sangster,among othersit has been harder to achieve a representative history of those not included. The literature had not considered working-class youth, New Leftists, and youth culture together; my dissertation conceptualized them as aspects of a single youth phenomenon.


Yet youth of different classes had material differences as well, especially concerning post-secondary accessibility and experiences. Mathematica enables researchers to freely and openly disseminate their programs to the public through their new Computational Document Format, which enables the distribution of interactive documents, allowing others to see, manipulate and use my data.

With this data, we can draw correlations between digital archival collections and other statistics.

This project drew on a wide array of sources, including seventy-three interviews and nineteen archival repositories across thirteen Canadian cities. He is the co-author of The Programming Historian, an online text that teaches the basics of programming for historians and other humanists.

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This project will make significant contributions to the existing literature on youth and postwar Canada, as well as to the practice of digital history. The research required for The Difference They left an extensive record that enables historians to contact them to arrange interviews, they produced documents that were preserved in archives, and in some eshrc they continue to hold prominent positions sshcr allow them to shape the ongoing narrative of postwar Canadian history.

Apart from this, most researhc focus on post-secondary students. African Journal of Agricultural Research 9 These sources will allow me to fruitfully answer the questions above. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Craig Heron with Dr. Items in sshgc Collection. England Oxford University Press,I noted a curious incidence involving the tearing down of two large watermill complexes on the River Itchen between Southampton and Winchester in This project addresses a hidden bias of mainstream teaching and learning, wherein Indigenous and locally-held knowledge is often positioned as the oral teachings of the past, in contrast to the contemporary character of digital literacy.


What is the vulnerability ersearch a food system to global environmental change?

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By amassing and drawing on such a large amount of data, historians can use new and developing computational tools to make sense of and researcj this wealth of information. University Press of New England: Climate services for resilience: The Case of Land Grabs.

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At the same time, young workers defied their aging union leaders in a wave of renewed militancy, including wildcat strikes. Reflecting the unique nature of this project, I hope to both publish in accessible open-access journals with a multimedia angle, as well as more traditional Canadian history outlets. You are commenting using your Google account. I will apply text mining proposxl to this body of information.

Global Studies, Local Connections.

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The findings will indicate which services are appropriate for households at respective Stages-of-Food Security and may explain low adoption rates. I will cross-reference discussions of youth with accessible historical statistics and economic data; how do generational identities co-exist with the business cycle, for example?

The United States has a more robust historiography, with studies focusing on generational change and theory Strauss and Howe,overall trends of representative characters Gollub,the emergence of teenagers Savage,and conflict Feuer,