During this time Kenzo and Sachi were considered lovers. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. This essay has been submitted by a student. During the early stages of her life, Sachi had no troubles, and her life was blissful. I think that the vivid pictures the author uses are an essential part of the story, because it paints a picture of Matsu’s life in nature, and also what Sachi is generally surrounded by, because although she has Yamaguchi, she stays in her own home the majority of the time. When Sachi got the disease, her family, supposedly lost their honor, by having a daughter with the disease. If she is important, she will stay with you” pg

When Sachi noticed the early stages of leprosy, rashes on her arm, she hid this from everyone she loved and cared for, because of her shame towards what it did. We have received your request for getting a sample. The author does this to show that in her belief it is more important to be humbly loved than to boast and be outwardly loved and popular, as both Kenzo and Tomoko were. He and Matsu seem to be bonded over an indifference, or hatred even, of the war. She was separated from Stephen by differences in nationality, and in the back of their minds they both knew they could never work out.

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Many readers reading this novel for the first time believe, when Stephen meets Keiko, that it will become a love story. When the disease became visible, people tolics this and isolated her.

During this time Kenzo and Sachi were considered lovers. But as the reader learns more about the two men, Matsu is really the one taking care of Kenzo in his own quiet way. Why does Tsukiyama give Topiccs a fairly simple, innocent past in comparison with the pasts garen Matsu, Sachi, and Kenzo? Equality in America Essays. They have established their own communitiy, their own little world, where they are accepted.


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Hurdles in Life: Understanding The Samurai’s Garden

We have received your request for getting a sample. He is also very frusturated with his parents and their actions, so he begins to think about his family less and less to get away from that, though Pie is still his favorite. Matsu has saved a lot of people, but all he can remember are the people he was unable to save, like Kenzo and Tomoko. Why does Tsukiyama first set up, then flout this expectation? The lessons he learned and the experiences he grew from will always stay with Stephen, and I think a part of him will always be in Tarumi as well.

This is an enormous obstacle for her because this means she has no family or people who love her, because of the honor code. As Matsu says, “Whether you see Keiko-san or not anymore won’t take away from your having known her. The book does this to show that true strength comes from the inside.

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Another example of Sachi overcoming adversity, through time and understanding, is when she overcomes the experiences gardn has had with leprosy.

But little by little, Stephen realizes that his silence is actually a tribute to how strong a person this is.

Is he sending a message? The garden that Matsu created is fitting wamurais a samurai, and even when it gets destroyed, he patiently rebuilds it. If she is important, she will stay with you” pg Sachi’s garden, on the other hand, is made completely of stones, she doesn’t want plants or flowers and instead makes patterns out of the stones, which is still beautiful.


For Keiko and her family, however, Stephen will always simply by the young Chinese man, and so his relationship with Keiko is severed because of the horrors of the war.

Oral Reading Evaluation Sheet. It is a way to show his feelings without words, and it samuraiw very important in his life.

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The title, The Samurai’s Gardenrefers to Matsu’s garden. Topicz still loves them, but sees them as more sheltered, as more selfish. Please choose the access option you need: While it takes her a long time to understand this, she finally understands this when she realizes what the adversity of the Japanese code is, and removing her idealism of not being honorable.

This connects to the theme of different types of beauty, especially beauty that is below the surface. Keiko was important not simply to be Stephen’s love interest, but to show the impact the war was having on the time.

samurais garden essay topics

View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags. Final Test – Medium. After her decision, to not suicide, she was considered a disgrace to her family, and she was alone because of the code of honor.