You experience the facts only after you realize the truth. Just a small rejoinder: After reading this blog i’m damn confused. I was thinking the same after reading the blog. The result was, I, along with many, could not clear PT-

Thus, it is expected from a coaching institute to provide those facts which would help in answering questions. I have completed my 12th this year and i am doing b. These Coaching institutes are a mess. It has been said that they ensure things from Vajiram coaching material are not set in the paper, and I suspect that to be true. O and one more thing.

General Studies History by Md.

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U are not going there to read their notes and crack the exam The author even goes to the extent of questioning Manocha sir’s “character”.

Buy Resonance Admission Forms. Save time by finding the best Coaching Classes near you. Thank you for this blog. It’s true what they do is preposterous, but if you really feel like you need someone to coach you, that’s one of the better ones. I found that Vaji Class notes are available in the markets of Jia Sarai and Ber Sarai and that too, not hand written, but neatly typed. If it happens, xlasses could be the greatest mishap as there is only one small exit from the class room and no emergency exit there.


Shaid Iqbal have shared pros about vajiram and ravi.

Most teachers don’t tell you this because then their responsibility increases, to stay updated, to give only relevant information, to be a fellow traveler in your quest. And what a stupid reason Ravindran gives… Listen.

Reading two books three times each is much better than reading six books once for mains-oriented preparation.

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So do not expect even a hint of morally sound behaviour from them. Whatever u have prepared by its self by self study no body can beat u in that one. Definitely u will be rank holder.

sk manocha essay classes

Rest is upto you! Everyones criticized and pin pointed the effort made by Mr karthik. I don’t know about the earlier years but this year they have issued us a printed receipt which we dk been allowed to retain even after the issuing the identity cards. The infrastructural facilities now are definitely better than every other institute.

The Mirage of Vajiram and ravi: Vajiram GS: Is it worth

Being at the classes I do not think this is true. I would suggest getting your hands on the recommended books a no of booklists are available online and you can ask upsc veteransmaking your own notes cannot be substituted by someone else’s notes, those can only be complementaryand finally practice. So u can judge from this also.


Class Room 9 Months.

Sk manocha essay classes for toddlers

He definitely will help my child also to get her dreams come true Do note that this blog is several years old. Not to fill my head with all that I could have filled it up with anyway.

I requested a lot to him for allowing me to join the batch after 6 months in may Most of the time in coaching is anyway spent taking down dictated notes blindly.

I joined on October 23, Whatever you do, claszes focused on regular study by yourself, and maintaining positive energy. No body is sacro sanct. Mains, I agree, is a test more of expression than knowledge. I am a govt. You’ll learn from each other, laugh and cry on each other’s shoulders. Current Status acc to my opinion History – Mr.