However, he rationalizes to himself and Dr. Whatever his reasons for doing it, I believe he did feel a great amount of guilt. We, the viewer, are made to feel empathy for these monstrous, hideous people. If our desire for David Chase to “close the writing” is childish and absurd, it’s also oddly poignant. I wonder if the brokered truce was indeed a ruse by New York, luring Tony into doing their dirty work for them by taking out Phil Leotardo and lulling him into a false sense of security, hence making him far easier to take out than when the families were at war. This paper proposes a new angle of study:

For instance, a lot of the words in my text came together after I put up the photos. See also the last 15 minutes of that episode, where he talks about the dream on the phone with Carmella Carmella: Actually, if you pause it at another point, one is at his belly and the other is at the back of his head. Fantastic job, my friend. The ending of “The Sopranos” explicitly rejects an absolutist interpretation, and yet we can’t resist the search for narrative closure. That he did not do so is not a sign that he wanted to reward only especially clever or observant viewers. All of the other plot lines effect or inform his character on some level either thematically or on a narrative level.

Best of Salon: Why “The Sopranos” final scene haunts us still

We also know that Silvio nipped that in the bud by garroting Gervasi. Part of the brilliance of this ending is that it gives virtually nothing away, and I am not talking about to the viewing audience who will be watching a fully-edited version that was probably only seen by a handful of people on whole planet prior to airtime ….


I never even considered the deep edning of the sopranos and there were many things I never would have even thought of that you outlined here. This is an excellent deconstruction. You imagined this kind of reaction?

Best of Salon: Why “The Sopranos” final scene haunts us still |

A cat is placed in a box with some poisonous dissdrtation that has a 50 percent chance of killing it. Am I missing something, or did Tony assume that Carlo flipped. That he did not do so is not a sign that he wanted to reward only especially clever or observant viewers. Has any filmmaker ever used POV to suggest death the way Chase did here?

The Sopranos

Now with Phil gone, Tony Soprano has moved up the food chain. His trip through therapy and the hope of some enlightenment ends at that haunting moment in the desert.

sopranos ending dissertation

Simplistic maybe but i can dream!! The two failed attempts on his life are much like the two failed attempts when Meadow parks. Oddly enough I never watched the show as it aired and in the last three weeks decided now was the time to do so, with the whole canon available to me on DVD.

So, I think the guy in the jacket going into the bathroom kind of ruins it for me. Chase djssertation a well document fan of European art films and xopranos know of his love for the Rolling Stones.

IMO, this is a case of a clever guy Chase getting too clever for his own good, and drinking his own Kool-Aid.

sopranos ending dissertation

A conspiracy is usually known only to its members…. The cat laying in front of the store while Paulie is sunning.

Not clear who the author is, but this long essay dissecting the last episode of The Sopranos is pretty darn impressive. Want four more years of this? Excellent work, thorough analysis, well reasoned, and as you know, I agree with you on the conclusion that Tony did die in the end. As for those who are miffed at Chase for ending the show in the manner he did, well, hey, its his baby.


It would make a very weak argument to say that the possible Godfather homage was the only indication that Tony was shot.

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Remember when Jerry Toricano was killed? The directing and editing in the scene emphatically establish that Tony is not paying enough attention.

Overall, I like this season. How exactly endlng he do this? Everything is really about that final scene. The following text is a comparative study of how the series endings in The Sopranos and Breaking Bad were structured, as well as the ending of the fifth season of Mad Men. Suddenly, the image of Tracee walking towards him pops into his head.

I was sure the audience got whacked and wrote a piece about it above but you have convinced me. I wrote, about Patsy: Here is a quote from Chase that in my opinion clearly shows, zopranos the analysis on this page is far from being probable, dissettation alone certain.

I mean pulling things like this out…. By stubbornly refusing to embrace the finale’s ambiguity, we are failing, however unconsciously, to confront our own fear of death and all its mystery.

sopranos ending dissertation

He stares at Junior.