By amassing and drawing on such a large amount of data, historians can use new and developing computational tools to make sense of and process this wealth of information. Ethiopia has a population of 97 million people and is expected to reach million by UN For the first year of the fellowship, I will conduct data collection, analysis and visualization to build a sizeable database of postwar youth history. Using a spidering program, I have identified 11, Top 40 lyrics from to and downloaded them in full-text to my own computer. Escaping Poverty and Becoming Poor: Consult your faculty Research Facilitator.

The proposed program will build upon my past research in Ethiopia, including publications on food security, food sovereignty Cochrane , Cochrane and agricultural intensification Cochrane Indicate how the respective contributions are weighted amongst team members. Explain how your proposed research is different from previous studies you undertook on the same topic. Justify the appropriateness and effectiveness of your research strategies and methodology. Ensure that the explanation clearly outlines why an M.

Several collections of digital sources will be of particular interest. By analyzing these lyrics together, one can see the relative rise and fall of ideas and key words over time. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Purchase or rental of computers and associated hardware is allowable only if these are not accessible through the university or employer. Review of Recent Research.

Sample Grant Applications

Make explicit the connections between your research questions and objectives, your objectives and methods, your methods and results, and your results and dissemination plan. Advice Describe the role and responsibility of postdoctoral fellows and students by level of study undergraduate, master, doctoral.


sshrc research proposal sample

It is also recommended you focus on responding to the committee comments rather than those of the external assessors. I will contribute to the methodological discussions of digital history and of the digital humanities more generally, especially around the applicability of approaches related to culturomics.

Find your Faculty Research Facilitator. Ask colleagues to read your application to ensure the science behind your ideas is being conveyed clearly.

sshrc research proposal sample

In focusing on the elite, these approaches provide only a limited understanding. Ensure that the explanation clearly outlines why an M. Progress and Policy Challenges edited by P.

Project Proposal (SSHRC)

If you propose to build a web page, make sure you indicate who will host and moderate it; how you will attract users and how it will be maintained. If your project does not lend itself to cash and in-kind contributions indicate it to the reader. For the first year of the fellowship, I will conduct data collection, analysis and visualization to build a smple database of postwar youth history.

Explain how amounts are calculated.

March to June Current Level of Study and Relevant Experience: The stipends recommended for research bursaries are the following: Better in-depth understanding of the context or analysis New methodological or analytical approach Impact: Remember me on this computer.

For decades, the historical literature on the baby boom generation and youth was ;roposal including Kostash, ; Levitt, ; Owram, I will apply text mining techniques to this prpoosal of information. Agricultural Extension, Adoption, and Diffusion in Ethiopia.


sshrc research proposal sample

More recently, from the s to the end of the 20th century, within a context of neoliberal politics and culture, Generation Y also known as the Baby Bust or Baby Boom Echo continued to shape the world through their growing comfort with new digital technologies and ever-prolonged adolescence Strauss and Howe, ; Foot, A team submission does not necessarily guarantee a better score than szhrc submitted by an individual researcher. I will use this to determine whether overall characteristics of specific time periods and audiences emerge and to what degree the economy had an impact on youth popular culture.

Craft all your documents with the same care as your research project. Consult your Faculty Research Facilitator. Evidence from Ethiopian rural households.

The demographic phenomenon known as the baby boom brought with it sweeping social change.

Project Proposal (SSHRC) – Ian Milligan

Software must be specialized, well justified and not offered by the University. Previous approaches, while fruitful, have focused on a small number of influential youth at the expense of overall understanding. If your proposal is not funded, revise and resubmit. Be realistic in doing so.