Review of Research, Elsewhere at Western, the Culture Complexity and Digital Humanities research lab the CulturePlex offers a multidisciplinary approach to the field. By analyzing these lyrics together, one can see the relative rise and fall of ideas and key words over time. Research in its early stages. Ensure each part of your proposal responds to the required content in the instructions and to the evaluation criteria. I will contribute to the methodological discussions of digital history and of the digital humanities more generally, especially around the applicability of approaches related to culturomics. The forty-five years between and are sufficient to see how youth of divergent generations interacted with extremely varied political, economic, and cultural contexts.

At end of each funding cycle November, February, May and August. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. What is the vulnerability of a food system to global environmental change? Those born between the s and the early s, the Generation Xers, lived in the shadow of the baby boom. Current Level of Study and Relevant Experience: It is also recommended you focus on responding to the committee comments rather than those of the external assessors. Visualization techniques, ranging from lyric word frequency clouds to an exploration of keyword-in-context analysis, will facilitate the analysis of this large amount of information.

November 1 by invitation Internal Deadline: The generic job descriptions are an important tool in supporting salary equity as well as in fostering employee retention in the management of human resources in the research pro;osal. In order to analyze vulnerability to food insecurity and the appropriateness of extension services, I will conduct research in two rural communities in SNNPR within similar agroecological settings.

Project Proposal (SSHRC) – Ian Milligan

Office of the Vice-President, Research. Youth have been a frequent subject and source of cultural and political criticism and discussion, over issues as varied as the future of the labour market and the country itself, as well as their potential for political instability. Make sure your title accurately captures your research project.


Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations.

sshrc research proposal sample

This project will contribute to the general social history of postwar Canada and in particular, the more inaccessible world of working-class and marginalized youth. July to December researcj Consult your Faculty Research Facilitator.

In addition to the factors noted above, irregular rainfall, inadequate infrastructure as well as crop diseases and pests contribute to high levels of food insecurity.

The University of Western Ontario is an ideal location for me to do my postdoctoral fellowship, under the supervision of Professor William Turkel. Describe the research training activities and the mentorship approach. I am currently preparing for my comprehensive examinations and writing my research ethics application. There is no need to change your title.

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Make sure the team members’ expertise and responsibilities are clearly delineated and articulated. The Government of Ethiopia has implemented a large number of rural agricultural extension services; however, these programs have not experienced high levels of success.

A Digital History, Develop or improve teaching methods in a certain field Impact: Several collections of digital sources will be propossal particular interest. She argues that youth as a demographic group began to experience a common reaearch of circumstances Commacchio, Be realistic in doing so.

sshrc research proposal sample

Previous approaches, while fruitful, have focused on a small number of influential youth at the expense of overall understanding. This date range also addresses a period that has seen notable historiographical shortcomings. Remember that it is best to justify why something is not applicable than have the reviewer make an erroneous judgement.


Ethiopia has a population of 97 million people szmple is expected to reach million by UN By documenting smallholder knowledge and priorities, this research will support the improvement of rural agricultural extension services. War, Famine, and Revolution in Ethiopia. Mathematica enables researchers to freely and openly disseminate their programs to the public through their new Computational Document Format, which enables the distribution of interactive documents, allowing others to see, manipulate and use my data.

Project Proposal (SSHRC)

In the decade following the Second World War, 3. Understanding the influence of development interventions on adaptive capacity at the local level in Ethiopia. The United States has a more robust historiography, with studies focusing on generational change and theory Strauss and Howe,overall trends of representative characters Gollub,the emergence of teenagers Savage,and conflict Feuer, Justify the appropriateness and effectiveness of wample research strategies and methodology.

February 15 Full Application: Anticipate the problems and challenges of the proposed research and explain how you will manage them. We are now able to digitize these song titles, use computer programs to go out to the web and obtain full-text lyrics for each song, which researc include their metadata: This participatory process is intended to enable local priorities to take precedent over prescribed national formulas, and will allow for the inclusion of commonly unobserved diversity, complexity and microenvironments Chambers