In addition, many car companies were beginning to work on concepts for smaller cars. Why or why not? The Smart Car targets single people aged 18 to 36, and childless, dual-income couples living in urban areas who want a second car. Both operations are performed outside the central assembly hall; the body is then passed by conveyer into the main hall. The text discusses product quality as the first attribute. We would expect that MCC will also offer typical new-car warranties. Students may suggest that the target market may be too broad.

What marketing recommendations would you make to MCC? The value in the car may be in its image as a fun, different way to travel as much as it is in the car itself. Any Colour Combination, Including Black. However, if students pursue the funky position, they might follow this by arguing for selecting unusual locations for the dealerships in order to emphasize that the Smart Car is different. Students will probably be skeptical about the need for this car, and it may be necessary for the instructor to encourage them to examine the marketing strategy and help MCC make it successful. It is probably helpful to ask students if this car fits with the demands of the target market in Europe. Further, Hayek envisioned a car that emitted almost no pollutants, thanks to its electric engine.

It might also consider offering extended warranties, roadside assistance, etc. D n McCosh, “Get Smart: These companies are chasing Renault, which introduced its Twingo model minicar in and is sellinga year, about 2 percent of the West European car market.


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The unlikely marriage is also the result of market realities. In the meantime, Mercedes watched its sales ssatchmobile 11 percent in the early s because of stiff Japanese competition in the luxury car market. We can’t stand spam as much as you do No, thanks. Whatever target market and positioning students suggest, they should focus on a promotional campaign to communicate to swatchmobbile target market and establish the position.

At a stage in the product life cycle, the sales and share price of the Swatch watch started levelling out; hence Hayek, being a marketer, realising the above fact, started looking into swatchmobipe car market to develop a new and innovative product. What are the actual and augmented parts of the products? Thus, they again may suggest narrowing the target market to something like to focus on the youth market.

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MCC has chosen to produce a product that meets basic quality requirements. MCC prefers that dealers build on land located near suburban shopping centers.

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Its challenge is to produce a swwtchmobile that will meet safety and environmental regulations but be affordable for the target market. View our pricing guide or login to see prices. Will the Smart Car Fly? They feared that large cities might restrict conventional cars due to pollution concerns.

Students may suggest that although Swatch and Mercedes have not put their names on the car, why not promote the fact that this swatchmobild is the unlikely product of this unusual combination. The text discusses product quality as the first attribute.


Product details

The Smart Car targets saatchmobile people aged 18 to 36, and childless, dual-income couples living in urban areas who want a second car. In addition, many car companies were beginning to work on concepts for smaller cars.

The second phase of distribution will cover the United Kingdom, and the United States and wsatchmobile right-hand-drive countries. The company is headquartered in Biel, where it has 80 people on its staff. If MCC used Mercedes as the name, it might then be difficult to position the car as inexpensive.

swatchmobile case study

The company has not indicated when this second phase will begin. In the spring ofHayek announced that he had lined up a new joint venture partner. How about receiving a customized one? Because the Smart Car will have a relatively low price for a new car, MCC will have to convince customers that it offers acceptable quality and reliability for a car.

Students will probably react very negatively to the concept of a car with plastic sides. Company case 8 product and service strategy Swatchmobile: Mercedes felt it needed to attract buyers who could not afford its traditional cars.

I ssatchmobile suffering on my own. It also has a technical center in Renningen, Germany, where it employs people. The name, Smart Car, is part of the actual product also.

Please, specify your valid email address. Most were examining cars powered with electric engines.