The siapo is used traditionally as clothing, or as a form of currency, and is an important cultural element in traditional ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Thus, tatau and malu belong to a category of images for which there are no referents. It is a pe’a, one of the largest bats in the world, from which the ceremony derives its name and that is currently on the list of species threatened by extinction. Focusing on the inconspicuous Adams is today New Zealand’s foremost documentary photographer, and his exhibit, “Tatau: Yes, once a week.

And the guy is still around, he is in New Zealand now. I made tools the following day — that was Thursday. Samoans are devote Christians and Sunday is a day of worship and spending time with family and no physical work is done. Dance is also an integral part of Samoan culture. John Williams from the London Missionary Society arrived in Savai’i in with eight Tahitian and Rarotongan teachers to spread the word. More recent designs not only have less iconicity but they also take different names depending on the tufuga who uses them.

The lighting is there simply to provide exposure. A tatau or a malu, as a whole, does not refer to anything outside of itself.

Adams is today New Zealand’s foremost documentary photographer, and his exhibit, “Tatau: He pinpoints them, camps at them and revisits them while his photography slowly takes shape. Reaching back 2, years, the Pe’a ceremony initiates young men into society and confirms their social status and their responsibilities to the community. Thus, tatau and malu belong to a category of images for which there are no referents.


The tatau engraves tatsu cosmology of Samoans right into their skin. Mortar with pestle, for tattoo pigment This blackened coconut shell was used as an ipu lama, or mortar for making tattoo pigment. Japanese American National Museum,— Photograph by Mark Adams. I was growing up and my father would walk away and leave his tools in a bowl in the house.

I miss him so much as esssay had alot to do with me growing up and also had so much influence in my life as a young man.

To create a collection click the icon. I will forever miss his advice and also his love for us. Your privacy is important to us. Say hi to mum for me uncle. The traditional tatau is usually completed over 10 days; it is extremely tataj and not without risk of health complications. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. An unfinished tatau is thought to bring shame to the participant’s family.

Samoan tatau: a tufuga begins his work | Te Papa’s Blog

Although obviously different, male and female iconographies seem to be guided by a similar figurative technique. Engaging history with an 8 x 10 Another interesting project of Adams is accessible at Auckland’s Two Rooms Gallery website. Adams considers his photography “conceptual up to a point. Years later, I started to tattoo young guys in the village.

Essat panoramas consist of a series of incredibly detailed prints made from 8 x10 plate camera negatives. Get in the loop.


ta tatau essay

When family members marry partners in other villages, the in-laws become part of the extended family unit and in times of happiness or sadness all come together to pitch in. The Tatau series illustrates layered relationships between the photographer and the subjects, the tatau master and the tattoo receiver, the Samoan and the Western cultures, the flesh and the soul, all of the above and the global voyeur represented in the room by the camera lens — just to name a few.

ta tatau essay

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Dance is also an integral part of Samoan culture.

Tattoo implement, pig tusk, turtle shell, wood, nylon. He does not strive for a universal ontological revelation.

Fa’a Samoa – Samoan Culture

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