When instructed to enter an assigned exam room, students are requested to do so in a quiet and orderly manner. Students missing classes lose essential instructions and place increased demands on classroom teachers in the areas of record-keeping, administering make-up work, etc. Class parties are most commonly held to mark the end of a term or the end of an academic year. Extra measures will be taken in severe cases. If the absence occurs repeatedlywith no valid reason that is accepted by the administration, disciplinary action will be takenagainst the student. As parents, you are an important part of the total safety awareness

How to write a good business plan for a restaurant. The diversity of the co-curricular program ensures that no student is to be left behind, the activities tackle all interests and abilities. In grade nine, students must take the following subjects: Transcripts will be given to all grade 12 students. Students who aresuspected of requiring special educational needs that cannot be provided by the school maybe asked to provide assessment information from independent professional evaluationcenters prior to making a decision for eligibility for admission and placement testing. They are responsiblefor completing work that was missed as a result of a partial or whole day absence. Top in the World.

Thamer international school homework agenda

If parents choose to send food with their children, please provide them with healthy food in a suitable container marked with their name. GCE A-level examination system.


thamer international school homework agenda

Our main gates are manned by uniformed guards 24 hoursa day. Students will not participate in homewoek school activities or attend any trips for the term.

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No eating or drinking is allowed in class. Technical Support Update Student Records. Members verbally or physically. Develop initiative, self-direction and organizational skills. It is our expectation that all students beco-operative, considerate and sensible in carrying out their primary task of attending school in orderto learn.

Newsletter Program Make sure you do hhomework miss interesting happenings by joining our newsletter program. We expect all T. British Consulate Honors 67 Students for Achievement.

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Placement on Academic Probation will result in the immediate development of an AcademicImprovement Plan. Students must use their homework agendas to record their homework assignments startingGrade 3.

Participation in classactivities cannot internationao made up. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Also provide healthy drinks in containers other than glass, which can be dangerous.

Parents-Students Handbook (2016-2017)

Students arriving after 10 minutes will be recorded as absent. Major accidents that require hospitalization are dealt with depending on the seriousness of the situation. Students who are found cheating during an exam will be given a Zero and will not be entitled for a make-up.

View in Fullscreen Report. Students must return or replace damaged or stolen property. Fathers or drivers are not allowed into the building as required by the Ministry of Education and need to wait for the students gaenda the designated gates.


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thamer international school homework agenda

Students will be placed in activities on a onternational basis as different activities have different capacities and vacancies. Class work agendas will inform you about the material and lessons your child willacquire during each coming week. This will be drawn from the students: In grade nine, students must take the following subjects: Prospective students must schol pass the entrance examand achieve the demanded level of scores to be considered for placement.

Report cards are issued at the end of each term.

thamer international school homework agenda

News and Announcements Reminder – Next Year Registration – Back to School Thursday, 02 May Dear Parents, Thamer international schools always care for their students and we thereby want them to continue their educational journey on our It is the responsibility of the parent to keep this information up to date. Both boys and girls may wear a wristwatch. Academic probation is reviewed with each schlol reportcard.