Unemployment and Real GDP trends Bivariate Regression Models and Statistical Criteria Secondly, its analysis was based on three variables inflation, unemployment and GDP , unlike for Ogbokor that was only based on two variables inflation and unemployment. Meaning, it shows the nexus between inflation and unemployment when the actual rate of inflation is equivalent to the expected inflation rate. However, it decreased drastically to 0. This could not be successful in his absence.

As shown in the graph, inflation rate has declined between and , and it then slightly increased from 3. The relation between unemployment and the rate of change of money wage rates in the United Kingdom, Looks like the IMF beat you to it by two years. Real Gross domestic product GDP has no significant impact on unemployment. Therefore, the economy of Bangladesh exhibits the presence of stagflation. Conversely, other studies that employed the data of recent years revealed stagflation that shows that inflation and unemployment have the tendency of moving in the same direction. A practical Guide 6 Ed.

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The figures show an inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment, as well as between unemployment and real GDP, and between inflation and real GDP, as illustrated in the graphs above. Help Center Find new research papers in: For inflation rate and unemployment rate, the ADF test results showed that they both became stationary at 1st difference, but real GDP remained non-stationary even after 2nd difference. Johannes Hadula and to my beloved parents Mr.


Introduction Chapter 6 presents conclusion and recommendations. Between andit had drastically hiked by 9. There is short run tradeoff relationship between inflation and unemployment. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Economica, 25 As shown in the graph, inflation rate has declined between andand it then slightly increased from 3. Click here to sign up. The Long-run Phillips curve The next chapter goes further explaining the methodological approach that is used in the paper and defining the data and data sources included in the study.

Structure of the study The study is structured as follows: Lastly, R of thedis third model for equation: Secondly, I am highly delighted to express my appreciation to the Indian Council for Cultural Relations ICCR for funding my studies and taking care of my necessities during my stay in India. The minimum rate of 0. However, only inflation rate and unemployment became stationary at 1st difference in ADF test but tuesis GDP remained non-stationary even after 2nd difference.

Meaning it does not hold up the trade-off between inflation and unemployment in the short run. The steadfastly increasing rate of unemployment has become a crucial issue in Namibia since independence till date. Similarly, real GDP recorded the minimum rate of 0.

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Dritsaki and Dritsaki investigated the relationship between inflation and unemployment in Greece using annual data for the period of 30 years from to to examine the long-run relation for the case of Greece. With a special reference to Namibia, the country has been experiencing some fluctuations in the rate of both inflation and unemployment.


The tgesis shocks had escalated inflation without a reduction in unemployment; hence more researchers were awakened to further question the constancy and the applicability of the Phillips curve. The results for stationary test at 1st difference including intercept and trend are shown in table 5.

thesis on okuns law

In the other vein, a study with a special reference to Namibia was done by Ogbokor excluding the periods of the oil crisis, and the results showed a contradiction to the Phillips curve. Remember me on this computer.


Its successes and failures have been the foremost rudiments in the evolution over time of the discipline. Background of the study The Phillips curve has been a dominant focus in macroeconomics from the time of s.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Introduction This chapter presents the empirical findings and analysis of the investigated variables.

But I would imagine a pooled cross section using any basic OLS model would be effectively useless in terms of interpretation. Real Gross domestic product GDP has significant impact on unemployment. From toit had declined again by 7. Thess In Sign Up. In the case of Namibia, a few related studies had been conducted and they showed different results. The Short-run Phillips curve