Thesis 2 feels half-baked. Chris Pearson is well aware of that, and has been for years. Paradoxical, since it was vaporware for years. Network Blogger Responsive Skin https: After that challenge, I think i will move away.

I’ve been salivating over one of the best website building frameworks I’ve worked with thus far — Thesis 2 — and while everyone is waiting for the magical skins and boxes to sprout up, I did a little digging and found quite a few boxes and skins for Thesis 2. I do admire you trying to stimulate the sale by bringing him up, though. I want no relationship with them and refuse to use their products which you so aptly point out are sub-par. Theme frameworks offer you the best of both worlds. Have a nice weekend: Just like with every other piece of software. My next theme framework will either be Genesis, Catalyst or Ultamatum.

Thank you so much! Shortcodes, good documentation, etc. I was a loyal thesis 1 user for a very long time and loved how easy it was. Get Updates Free Get new skins and boxes for Thesis 2 straight to your inbox. I encourage you all not to sell out Thesis 2. Well, here we are 9 months after launch and no nearer to what was originally promised.

Thesis 2 Skins – Where are they?

This happens to work because your sidebar and the widget area below it are of differing sizes. Look out for it. Websites are best when the design is tailor-made to suit a specific purpose. One is Headway theme and other is Ultimatum theme and both are giving me impression that they are drag and drop theme. By latemy premium WordPress Theme, Pearaonified, had grown to tens of thousands of users, and I realized it might make sense to invest in the domain, thesis.


Also because the foundation of ones site would then be based on obsolete code. I am now part of a community and I will pray to my DIY shrine for fast delivery…….

Before asking my question i want to give you my little background. Going through the forum message boards Pearsonfiied can see lots of people having similar issues and poor Girlie trying her best to help out, but its months after release now and these obviously known and reported Bugs have not been fixed.

thesis pearsonified skin

Skins can be customised by the end user and offers the same power and flexibility of child themes: Is there anything else I should consider other than Headway? Found it via your Twitter profile. The Elements of Style is now on my wishlist: On Twitter, Chris Pearson has repeatedly touted Thesis 2 as being sooo easy to use, and accordinly, that porting almost any pearsonitied design to Thesis 2 is easy as pie.

Sorry to tell ya, my friend.


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Thanks for the reply. Do you know of any third party skins that peareonified available for Thesis 2 that are set up for online retail stores ecommerce?

One of the other issues I find is that there are no really, at least up to date, sites with good tutorials — so nothing to take a look at. Stand by you; 2.

To anyone reading this, my suggestion would be to keep on using freebie themes available from WordPress. Even Yootheme is logical compared to this. After using and liking Thesis 1. Session expired Please log in again. We bought Thesis 1 a couple of years ago. Thanks for your comment regarding Headway and Ultimatum. Catalyst on the other hand, seems to be a really solid venture. There are few people who do. The interview caused a chain reaction of negative events for Thesis, and we lost a huge portion of our business.

I think everything that needs to be said already has been said, just wanted to chime in and say 1 great article and 2 great job on that Danish WordCamp presentation.

thesis pearsonified skin