While most students were busy with their balik kampung fervour to celebrate the ‘Eid festivities, Teuku Meldi’s viva voce which was also held at Mc. Tahniah di atas kejayaan anda menamatkan pengajian. For Masters, the thesis must be in red hardbound cover with gold lettering and for Ph. He can be reached at Expressing his view about the research condition at that time, safakhah. Submission of a thesis must be made after a student has fulfilled the minimum period of candidature.

Definitely, one of the massages that the film Awards. I like research since it provides solutions to problems confronting humankind. He called for a collaborative work which finally will lead to the goals; and appreciated IPS for the positive steps which have been taken for fostering USM’s postgraduate studies. Late registration is only permitted for a period of two 2 weeks after the specified registration dates. Postponement of studies Postponement of studies is only allowed after registration and completion of at least one 1 semester, except for medical or valid personal reasons.

The manual of the process can be obtained at the IPS rhesis Registration for Languages and Pre-requisite Courses Bahasa Melayu is compulsory for all foreign students and must be taken and passed prior to graduation.

Nonetheless, through the years, the Kingdom also realised the challenge of translating innovative ideas from educational Professor Asma concluded her talk by highlighting the initiatives institutions into successful businesses, which would affect the which would sustain the tempo of the achievements so far recorded Saudi economy. In addition, the participation of fellowship holders in the symposium is regarded as tgesis of an ongoing process to fulfil their publication criteria as required by IPS.

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Please ensure that your title is correct before printing out the form. The procedures for the thesis submission are as follows:. Two viva voce were slotted in the last few days of Ramadhan. Help Center Find new research papers in: Graduation Requirements Research Mode Programme Compliance of the entire following is necessary for graduation: Surprisingly, And I hope that more shops will follow their footsteps so that it most of my customer were university students which iips why I theais will enhance the local shops by using gold dinar and silver dirham not surprised when my awareness on gold dinar pilot test turn out as part of their trade and don’t rely on paper currency i;s is to tell me that the students know more than members of the staff, depreciating its value so much that we need more paper money to even lecturers.


Split your payment apart – Usm Ips Thesis Format.

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Conversion of status not applicable for M. They all are well-known for the quality and integrity of their research. Start Uusm 1 2 Next End. Registration for all pre-requisite courses where applicableother than LKMmust be done within the first week of the Semester.

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One She continued to enumerate some significant achievements which important challenge, according to him, was the fact that the the University had so far recorded in the 3 years it was accorded population of the Viv witnessed a rapid increase from the APEX status. The passing grade is C.

Behnam Safakhah is a Master’s degree candidate, School of Communication. I mainly deal in translational research that combines the fundamental discoveries and technology platforms to create hhesis of importance that meet the needs of the target population.

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Examination slips can be collected from IPS. We should be passionate in doing our work, in doing something beyond our lab work and networking. Submission of a thesis must be made after a student has fulfilled the minimum period of candidature. The question and answer session chaired by Professor Roshada Mr. Immediately following the opening ceremony, the participants were split into different clusters according to their research fields, to complete their own oral presentations, sharing their research findings and obtaining feedbacks from related experts.


Submit the form to your Supervisor for approval. Approval to Travel Overseas.

thesis viva ips usm

Graduate Requirement for Resea Indirectly this establishes a better academic environment and atmosphere in postgraduate study at USM, at the same time instilling research interest among postgraduate students. She can batik painting and gendang silat performance.

thesis viva ips usm

Now, even the Bilal who manages the Islamic sale was not as fast it was during the Maulud Carnival due to the Healing Centre near my booth agrees to accept payment in Dirham value of gold dinar at that time. A candidate is given two weeks to respond to the show-cause letter failing which USM will initiate that: So you will get the change of RM20 back when convocation week in September.

Some wanted to save the only way that a person can actually do Muamalat is to teach their Gold Dinar because they realise that the paper money is and practice amal. She also mentioned that USM has and is continuously putting things in place to ensure that postgraduate students are motivated enough and are given the right environment for their studies, but emphasised that we are the most important persons when it comes to achieving that. The first and the only journal us hairy root induction from Tongkat Ali using wild strains of Agrobacterium rhizogenes published is from this research.

Postponement with penalty for full time students are allowed for a maximum i;s one 1 semester only, while part-time students can do so for a maximum of two 2 semesters throughout the full duration of their candidature period.