If your teacher asks you to write in ink, take a pen with erasable ink. Students learn best in a community where academic disciplines are integrated, fostering an appreciation of how they interact and form a whole. Remember, TJ students are problem solvers and critical thinkers. The government has a choice of funding further exploration of this planet or finding solutions to the problems of world hunger. You can only fund one project.

If you have been put in accelerated math, or if you worked hard to improve your math skills, talk about that. The government has a choice of funding further exploration of this planet or finding solutions to the problems of world hunger. For complaints, use another form. The essays are scored according to specific rubrics designed for each essay, and students receive a score between 0 and 5. They can use their experiences and perspectives to express their views and back up their opinions.

TJ Math Problem Solving Essay Part 1 ( January)

My Mathcounts coach, Mr. Avoid generalities and always try to give specific examples. Practice writing about yourself.

tjhsst essay sample

You dismissed this ad. Also, make sure you bring in copies of the research. They immediately stop when they see the teacher coming back into the room. Make an outline as a “map” to answer essat essay question.

What should you write for the TJ essay about the stem accomplishments you have achieved? – Quora

tjhdst Because of him, my curiosity about pure math formed and grew, leading me to do individual research at the library and online. I had no interest in math, none at all insert life example here.


Literature, music and the arts are essential, timeless aspects of human existence. Give yourself enough time at the end of the test to check for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, omitted words, incorrect dates, etc.

How have those smple, passions, and other experiences influenced them?

The Student Information Sheet/Essay

Ask yourself questions about the materials you study. Now, for this prompt, Tanshi is going to focus on these three strong points. Your essay is written in a hurry and with a deadline, but it is scored under much more relaxed conditions. While the teacher is gone, a few students start discussing the test questions and begin yelling answers to one another. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. We want to know why they are interested in a school that offers a rigorous STEM focus.

tjhsst essay sample

Add this document to saved. Be sure to make your examples specific and to show enthusiasm. What makes you think that TJ is the right fit for you?

Essay Sample – Eleven – SAT, SHSAT & TJHSST Test Prep

Do not assume that the people reading your responses will know what you mean without explaining what you mean. More on that later. The Essay question focuses on real-world problem solving, often with an ethical component.


Semifinalists will receive one piece of scratch paper to take notes, organize your thoughts, etc. Also ask the reader for any advice that could samplle improve your writing. It is a way for us to get to know semifinalists better. Quickly read over all the materials you should cover.

Critical sampe and problem-solving skills are vital in addressing the complex societal and ethical issues of our time. Forgive me I have no idea how public middle schools work. First, you should be honest. What will be on the SIS?

Do what you believe is best. Honesty is the best policy, here. Read or reread all the materials you do not understood; use a specific sampld when reading.

Take notice of the number of questions, the points for each question, the range of difficulty and the time available.