The activities below are sorted by strands of NZC. In that case the looking back process sets in and an effort is made to generalise or extend the problem. Six Circles Students’ Notes. Making numbers 1 Smallest number 1. So the “any” height formula is a generalisation of the height three case.

Resources include an introductory video, maths tips by year level Nice Dice Students’ Notes. This is a level 3 probability activity from the Figure It Out theme series. This is one of a collection of learning activities designed to provide enga Toni’s Tiara Students’ Notes.

During the solution process, children may find that they have sokving look back at the original question from time to time to make sure that they are on the right track.

You might like to see if this new problem always ends up at 1. Sunny got twice as many lollies as Sam. On the other hand, we use “answer” to mean a number, quantity or some other entity that the problem is asking for. This is an example that contradicts the conjecture.

This web page features links to interactive mathematics activites for problen.

For instance, it was known that a triangle with sides 3, 4 and 5 solvijg a right-angled triangle. This is a level 3 probability activity from the Figure It Out theme series.

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This process requires not only knowing what you have to find but also the key pieces of information that somehow need to be put together to obtain the answer. This is a level 3 number link activity from the Figure It Out series.


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There have been many difficult problems throughout history that solvihg have had to give up on. If you already have an Education Sector user ID and password, you are ready to log in.

tki maths problem solving

Hopefully now the problem will be solved and an answer obtained. Toni’s Tiara Students’ Notes. Or is that easy? The posts in this PLC can be viewed by anyone, but if you wish to post a comment yourself you will need to sign in to the nzmaths website. Search result for ‘ maths ‘ returned results.

Level 1 rich learning activities

The purpose of this activity is to engage students in finding locations from descriptions given and using these to solve a problem. At any particular point in time, a typical class might have students falling into several different groupings of approach to problem solving. The context of most problems can be adapted to suit your students and your current class inqui Solvihg Numbers Units of Work.

Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: In Problem 4 of What is a Problem? The point of this unit is to sklving students a chance to see how mathematicians operate display ingenuity and creativity practice arithmetic in context learn what generalisations, tkl, conjectures, theorems, and proofs are work through a completely novel situation and try to develop a mathematical theory around it.


He ties the ends together and then lays it out so that it makes a rectangle. Although we have listed the Four Stages of Problem Solving in order, for difficult problems it may not be possible to simply move through them consecutively to produce an answer.

They each explore a mathematical problem in some depth. He notices that the length of the long sides is twice the length of the short sovling. You can personalise your homepage to show your saved searches by clicking Add more to this page. But how do we do Problem Solving?

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These are level 3 geometry, and algebra problems from the Figure It Out series. Please feel free to comment on any of the poblem provided. Cutting String 1 Triominoes. Ptoblem list of resources from NZMaths to support the teaching and learning of fractions. We certainly got to 1 then. While we can’t expect them to synthesise new techniques, they should be given opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills of mathematics in unfamiliar settings.