My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. This option is used when thesis material is of a sensitive nature; e. Page numbering must be the same orientation and location on all pages including landscape oriented pages. Table X continued or cont. DO NOT photocopy the published paper out of the journal and include the copy in your thesis nor can you just bind in a reprint. References and Appendices must be placed at the end of the Thesis not after each chapter.

Jaeger, Manager Room , Ernest C. You do not need to complete the process in a linear order, except if the item is indented. Helena Wisniewski, Dean x Dr. These must be kept together on the same page —Keep your references in alphabetical order —References should be single-spaced within an entry and must be double-spaced between entries —List your reference section s in the Table of Contents —DOUBLE and TRIPLE check that the references you have cited are listed in the reference section and cited correctly. We recommend that your figures are in. A thesis with several small data files should be consolidated into one zipped folder.

If you register your copyright either directly or through ProQuest your thesis must display: Tables and captions must be within the margins.

Text should be centered within the page margins i. Make sure to upload revised corrected versions of your thesis to the ahndbook ProQuest account. Please make sure you review this page. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. You must complete this page in the ETD process, but you do not have to request ProQuest to register your copyright.


Because of the electronic submission process there is no longer a limit on the number of words for the abstract.

Students also need to turn in: Manuscript A collection of articles that either have been published, submitted for publication or intended for submittal. Arrangement of Pages —See page 25, Thesis Format Workbook Abstract —Chapters can have separate abstracts in addition to the required general abstract.

Spacing needs to be Widows and Orphans Consistently theeis 1. You may order personal or departmental bound copies through: Tables, Figures and captions must be within the margins.

Formst you upload the wrong version of your document, you can go back and upload the correct version. If possible use the same font size as in the text.

uaf thesis format handbook

In Windows you must embed your fonts before converting to PDF. It is not necessary that the manuscripts be accepted or published already. No degree listed with your name.

uaf thesis format handbook

The Table of Contents must be spaced in the same manner as the text. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Quotations over three lines must be typed block style with indentation and no quotation marks or in the style appropriate to the field, and must be spaced consistent with the body of the text. Font Variations and Handbok Are you using… Underlining, bolding, or italics?


Guidelines for Preparation of Your Thesis or Dissertation

You should select the media type of the downloaded supplemental file. If you are not the first author and you want to include an article then it may go into the Appendix. Page numbering must be the same orientation and location on all handbook including landscape oriented pages. Jaeger, Manager RoomErnest C.

uaf thesis format handbook

Thesis grades are changed from deferred DF to pass P. Please print, sign and bring the original to the Graduate School. This requires an additional fee as noted on the Thesis Submittal Form. Can choose six months, one year, or two years.

Guidelines for Preparation of Your Thesis or Dissertation – ppt video online download

References not cited in the text should not appear in the References section. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Figures and tables may be at the end of each chapter or embedded within each chapter be consistent. Use a heading e.