The final year project is thus designed to be problem-based. Assessed work should not be produced jointly unless the written instructions specified this. Expectations The project is seen as the culmination of the studies of an undergraduate. Similar advice applies to circuit diagrams. List of Figures This should list, with page numbers, all the schematics, photographs, photocopies, diagrams, and the like that are in the report, in the order in which they appear in the text. Please note that though these limits mentioned are the minimum and maximum allowed, they are not a fixed requirement.

So while this is not very likely to hit you, you need to be protected in case it does. These must conform to the style described in these guidelines. For a journal paper citation, here is an example: The budgeting of this amount of money is broken down as indicated below: Bring this log book with you to your meetings with your supervisor and let your supervisor see what you are doing.

Proposa you claim to have implemented a fully working gadget then we expect a slick demonstration. Are inspired or motivated to use radio, television, computer and other ICT tools in learning?

Directorate of Postgraduate Studies – Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

The learners can get opportunity to work on any live project with learners and experts from other countries. All work should be handed in to the project coordinator before Thursday 4 pm of the week specified.

Note that none of these rdsearch prevent you from obtaining assistance with your project — they just require that you present a sufficiently detailed explanation of how your results were achieved to allow the assessors to assess the strengths of your contribution.

Intellectual property It is a condition of registration that students agree to assign the intellectual property in any patentable invention, registerable design, rights in a database, design rights and rights in any computer program to the University. Relevance of description n terms of: This study will be conducted in Morogoro Municipality because secondary schools in Morogoro has similar environment to the rest of the Tanzania secondary schools, and the availability of adequate private and ward secondary schools.


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udsm research proposal format

List of Figures This should list, with page numbers, all the schematics, photographs, photocopies, diagrams, and the like that are in proopsal report, in the order in which they appear in the text.

You must inform your supervisor as soon as possible that you have been ill or otherwise unable to work. This form should be printed, completed, signed and bound with the rest of the report. If you get unusually large amounts of assistance during the year, or use code written by somebody else you must report it. You will therefore be required to carry out purchases of components not found in the laboratories from the funds provided.

Work in the laboratories has to be arranged individually with the staff researcn concerned. Log In Sign Up. If your project is research based then the novelty comes from some new contribution to science.

When all the final project marks have been submitted, a moderation exercise will be carried out involving all staff involved in supervising and assessing projects.

Here is a summary of the items that will be considered during assessment of oral presentations: Re-examination or resubmission of work for assessment will be at the discretion of the university.

Where necessary, each new section should be restarted with a new numbering scheme.

It is expected that work will be done fairly, and that the project report will be a proper report on the work performed. Most of these stages are likely to be included in the report and the reasons for the various design decisions will be carefully described. Results shown in your project report must have been produced by resexrch programs and not concocted. When ideas are first being suggested or discussed it is good to keep an open mind about them.


A significant proportion of the marks allocated to the project are based on your performance during the project, and supervisors will be forming judgements based on your application and achievements while undertaking the project.

Directorate of Postgraduate Studies – Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

Italics should not be used to introduce a new thought or idea. Actual section headings may vary and some sections might be broken down into further section headings. Many supervisors will want to meet with you weekly, and it is advised that you use this opportunity to do so. Skills gained In addition to academic and personal rewards, the project will allow you to gain the following skills: You should also be aware that the electronic copy of your project report will be submitted to anti-plagiarism software for checking.

The project coordinator will maintain close contact with supervisors to ensure that they are kept fully informed of students’ progress. The design seeks the detailed information of the selected group of respondents in description.

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Abstract The report should have a concise but comprehensive abstract, of about a page, summarising the objectives of the work, the contents of the report and indicating the most relevant aspects of the work done and achievements. In such cases, you have to follow the job-order procedures.

udsm research proposal format

Excessive use of fancy graphics and animations can be annoying to the audience and usually are counterproductive, since these are often used to disguise a lack of substance.