Environmental management systems in Japanese civil engineering consultancies — opportunities for integration of EIA and EMS in their main activities. Best practice of implementing an environmental management system to develop a sustainable waste strategy in courier and logistics industry: Book a Meeting Room. A social cost-benefit analysis of the environmental impacts of the production of energy crops by a Norfolk farming cooperative. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Key Dates and Events Semester Dates. The development of sector application guidelines for undertaking the initial environmental review for ISO at a municipal landfill site.

Investigating guidelines for developing corporate site biodiversity management plans: Report an Accident or Hazard. An overview of national level barriers facing efficient reporting towards the biodiversity related multilateral environmental agreements. Offsetting or upsetting biodiversity? The Standard ISO How effective is it for the environment and business?

Healthcare and Social Science.

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The triple goals of a climate smart, pro-poor and sustainable public policy: An evaluation of the effectiveness of environmental impact assessment in promoting sustainable development case study Germany.

Strengths and weaknesses of China ‘s environmental impact assessment system: An investigation into which factors most influence the decision at a public inquiry into wind farm development.

An evaluation of the effectiveness of landscape and visual impact assessment on the UK decision-making process. Assessment of the guidelines and support mechanisms for environmental management system and suggestion of appropriate framework for improvement of environmental performance in small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of Ho Chi Minh cityVietnam.


Case study of uncertainties in environmental impact assessment on water impact prediction of road construction projects. Development of a tangible framework of environmental performance indicators for achieving sustainable development in industry. An investigation into the management of the water component within the environmental management systems.

uea dev dissertation handbook

Facilitating sustainable travel options: Hydrograph Separation Using Stable Isotopes: The development of a cyclical model of product life-cycle assessment for corporate eco-efficiency improvement. Information for Student Journalists.

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Farmers’ willingness to participate in biodiversity offsets and how contract attributes dissrrtation influence the supply of land for offsets. To establish an IAQ implementation tool to allow environmental management to address indoor air problems.

uea dev dissertation handbook

An investigation into practices and environmental performance implications of green supply chain management in the UK supermarket sector. Using EMS framework to make waste management more effective in a company: An assessment of the environmental impacts of the Norfolk Wildlife Hospital in the context of the implementation of ISO Environmental management Systems. Information for Student Disseftation.

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An assessment of the quality of environmental management systems in the European pulp and paper industry. The application of strategic environmental assessment in the Cyprus tourism sector: Theses are issued to be read in the Library. Research into the contribution of workplace travel plans to overall travel reduction and the applicability of current workplace travel plan evaluation methodologies.


A case of the tourism sector. Barriers to household pro-environmental behaviour: An investigation into the quality of Environmental Impact Statements in China, focusing on air component.

A review of risk-based approaches to regulation: Key Dates and Events Semester Dates. The Difference Campaign Campaign News. An assessment of the potential scope for integration of environmental impact assessment and environmental management systems, with reference to a leading property development company. A baseline study into the feasibility of introducing a pay-as-you-go kerbside collection of compostable waste using wheeled in bins in Mid Suffolk.

Views of environmental consultants. Go to Alumni and Supporters home. Practitioner perspectives on the barriers and constraints to the assessment of socio-economic impacts in EIA. School of International Development.