Designed to familiarize students with key concepts in cognitive science and to demonstrate how knowledge of those topics can help to inform readings of literary texts. In particular, the course aims to introduce students to Shakespeare’s plays and poems in the context of early modern Europe and of the first print revolution. Offered fall, spring and summer semester every year. Thesis length is manuscript pages for prose, 45 pages for poetry. An examination of eighteenth-century British literature with an emphasis on texts that represent women and investigate themes of gender, the feminine literary marketplace, and the history of women.

Repeatable for maximum 18 hours credit. Technical and Professional Communication. During studio sessions, students will actively engage in writing and writing process activities, including brainstorming, drafting, peer review, revising, editing, and reflecting. This course will be taught as writing intensive, which means that the course will include substantial and ongoing writing assignments that a relate clearly to course learning; b teach the communication values of a discipline—for example, its practices of argument, evidence, credibility, and format; and c prepare students for further writing in their academic work, in graduate school, and in professional life. The discipline of folklore, its aims, methods, and subject matter. American Writing to

uga intro to creative writing

You must successfully complete this course and your completed final portfolio must be approved by the Coordinator of the WCP in order to receive the Writing Certificate. Research while enrolled for a master’s degree under the direction of faculty members. An overview of the literature, genres, themes, and contexts of the Romantic period.

uga intro to creative writing

In discussion, students will evaluate writing in specific contexts and develop expertise in critical reading, rhetorical analysis, tk review, and revision. Topics and instructors vary from semester to semester.


The plays and poems of Shakespeare, their historical and cultural background, and their continuing significance in interpretation, appropriation, and performance. Independent research and preparation of a creative written work.

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Independent research and thesis preparation. Students will be involved in the planning and implementation of the project s and may spend time outside of the classroom.

Short fiction in English, with some attention to historical development of the genre, narrative techniques, and the development of critical strategies for reading and writing. In England, attitudes to political authority and social identity were challenged and transformed during the early modern period, as is evident, if somewhat nebulously, in Shakespeare’s works.

The English language of the Middle English period, including the development of the language from the end of the Old English period through the transition to Modern English.

Some class meetings will be writihg by two-hour excursions for cultural enrichment for example, attending talks and discussions in the English department. Regionalism, realism, and naturalism from to with attention to the themes of ethical conflict, determinism, urbanization, the New Woman, and the contributions of ethnic minorities. Seminar in English Language Studies.

Language Use in the African American Community. Introduction to the study and theory of language as it is actually used by people in speech and writing. Students will analyze the generic conventions of their field of study and understand the common pitfalls of writing for international, L2, or ESOL students.

Among the writers to be considered may be Eliot, Pound, H. The rhetorical tradition from antiquity to the present, emphasizing the development of writing and textuality. wrjting


English literature of the late eighteenth century, emphasizing the works of Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, and other writers of the time. Students will meet with faculty members on a regular basis. Individual witing, reading, or projects under the direction of a project director. A writing-intensive introduction to reading and writing about scientific research in order to bring scientific information to the general public.

Ideas imtro forms in American poetry in the twentieth century.

Writing in the professional domains, with an emphasis on research methods, clear and accurate presentation of ideas and data, and computer-mediated communication. The Eighteenth-Century English Novel. Various aspects of American fiction, poetry, drama, or non-fiction prose since Language Variation and the Linguistics of Speech. The history, present status, and future prospects of American English, including standards and internal variation.

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Major themes and movements in twentieth-century criticism. Composition and Multicultural Literature Honors. An introduction to the literature and culture of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Advanced instruction in the craft of writing.

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Close analysis of literary works as the basis of effective critical writing. Enter a specific course number or select a specific course ID from the drop down list, to view syllabus information. The relationship between rhetorical theory and the practice of writing, both literary and non-literary.